Saturday, January 12, 2013


I've been very busy knitting on the Nathan sweater! I just added the 4th ball of yarn and it measures 10.5 inches now. It is growing very quickly and the textured stitch and side ribbing keeps it from getting boring, but aren't difficult at all so it's still good for knitting while keeping one eye on Arthur while he plays.
I have a bit of a problem, though. In looking at the Rav projects for this vest, about half the people said that the arm and neck openings are too small. The other half makes no mention of any issues or mods. I can either knit to the pattern and risk the holes being too small (forcing me to either rip and reknit or maybe get creative with the ribbing like some others have done) or I can knit the body an inch shorter and add an inch in the top parts to give more room. This is for a Korean man, who aren't known for being particularly large... I am making row gauge exactly and am thinking that I'll just follow the pattern. I still have several inches to make my decision, so will think on it a bit more.
I did take a short break from the vest the other day to start a scrappy granny square blanket. I have been saving and collecting all my scraps and joining them into magic balls for use in scrappy afghans. This one has yarn ranging from sport to bulky weight (fingering weight is going toward a different blanket). I had started a few different patterns first, but ultimately settled on a simple granny square. I think that this is the best choice since the range of weights isn't as noticeable, it's quick and easy for me to do, and I like how the colors are coming out. This, like my fingering weight blanket that I'll share later, is a longterm project and will be added to as I get more scraps. I am joining new yarn with the magic knot.
Yesterday was Arthur's 9 month birthday, the big .75! He is growing so much and just has more personality everyday. He's a smart little thing, too. He is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on everything, climbing on everything, and can stand without support for a few seconds at a time before plopping down again on his little bottom. He is learning what "No" means and definitely has his own ideas about how things should go (and makes his protests known when they don't go his way!). We are so in love with the little guy it's crazy. (In case you were wondering, that hammer is a part of an old xylophone toy my parents bought him for Christmas. It (just the hammer) is his favorite toy and he carries it around everywhere).

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