Sunday, February 10, 2013

Craft Time!

I found a 2-pack of finger paint at Target for a dollar, so Arthur and I had craft time yesterday. I wish I could say that he enjoyed it... but, I can't. He wanted to eat the paint more than anything, then got very upset when I wouldn't let him. However, it did make for nice artwork since he was beating his paint-covered hands on the paper in anger and frustration :)

He got very messy, but it was totally worth it and cute!

I was inspired by Alisa Burke (blog link listed under Blogs I Love to the right) and cut out a bunch of hearts and a few flowers from some of his paintings.

I then mod podged a few onto my hard wallet so that I could have my little guy's artwork always with me. I have a ton more set aside to be used as inspriation strikes. I saved a few of his better paintings (I didn't cut them up) and will be on the lookout for what can be done with them.

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