Friday, February 1, 2013


I finished the Chroma blanket for Mikah (pictures to come as soon as we get a decent day around here... been rainy all week), so am now on to the bibs. Brooke (SIL) had originally wanted a airplane-themed room, but my brother won out and they are going with dinosaurs... I'm quite pleased since that was actually what I wanted for Arthur before we changed it to fish, so now I get to make all the dino stuff I secretly wanted to all along.

This is the Dinosaur Bib and it came out great! I used some stash Sugar n Cream in Ecru.

I love that it is reversible! The designer is really great and has a ton of cute designs for bibs and cloths. I'm currently working on the Steggie Bib.

This Coco the Canister Monster in some scrap Malabrigo. I whipped her up one night while we were watching movies on our hard drive, which has to be hooked up to my computer in order to watch them on the TV. That meant no access to my patterns, which meant no working on the bib, which meant resorting to a book for knitting. I looked up small monsters in Rebecca Danger's The Big Book of Knitted Monsters and settled on this cute gal. I don't have felt for the mouth yet, so she's pretty quiet, which is good for when she naps with Arthur.

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Pumpkin said...

The bibs are super cute! But the monster is even more darling, I love his vibrant colors.