Monday, February 18, 2013

Pants on Fire

Charlie seems to accidently ruin a lot of soakers. He has washed and dried two pairs (one form WotA and another from Malabrigo) and then left a poopy one on the windowsill by the changing table, which I didn't notice until it was dried and crusty and unsalvagable (to the extent that I'm willing to go to save poop-covered knits... I'm sure some of you super mommas could've done it, but I have a healthy stash of soaker-worthy yarn for a reason ;)

He has also thrown away a soaker by mistake as well. All this, 4 total soakers gone, and he complains that Arthur doesn't have enough and I need to make more. So, I do.

These pair of shorties (more like capris, really) are made from the Eviepants All-in-One pattern (which is wonderful, by the way!) and Patons Classic Wool. They make me think of the phrase, "Liar, liar, pants on fire," but I don't wanna call baby boy a liar, so these are just the Pants on Fire.

I'm currently working on the second glove from the pair of Ringwoods I started last year. I have a package to send my mom this week and want to have this pair of gloves in it for her to have. I'm already to the fingers, so I should finish by Friday.

In other news, Charlie lost work at the school (he was a LPN for the special needs kids at a highschool, but it was through a home healthcare temping agency and they no longer needed the position), but quickly got on as a nurse at the county jail. I was so happy for him... it's the kind of nursing and work that he wants to do and they are nationwide and have the contract at the prison in Jackson, Georgia... where my parents live and the area that we would like to move to! The plan is for him to work here 4-6 months or so, then put in for a transfer so that we can hightail it out of Michigan. The work is parttime, but he also goes a few days a week to do home healthcare for a special needs kid (one of the students he worked with at the school; he is mostly unresponsive, but does respond and even tries to communicate with Charlie, so the mom got him a job with the service she uses). Money is tight, as always, but we are making it (as always!).

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