Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Long Journey

I think I posted a while back about The Long Journey KAL at the Project: Stash Ravelry group. I wanted to post a progress pic of my giant scrappy granny square here for y'all to see how it's coming along.

I love it! I am bring totally random with the yarn placement, just adding the new yarn as I get it. It's really motivating me to finish my WIPS because that means I have scraps for the blanket! I'm using natural plant/animal fibers only (a few have a small percentage of nylon) ranging from sport to bulky weight. All my fingering scraps are going toward a different blanket and super bulky is just too much for this blanket.

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Coffeybean Family said...

What is it about granny squares? I am so addicted to them!!

And I love your soaker! I got the Evie Pants pattern a few months back and knit up a pair for a gal who couldn't find anything affordable for her toddler. I figured I love to knit, have a ton of wool yarn and haven't knit a pair of baby pants in forever. It was fun to revist that time again. I used to knit for www.bittyfluff.com (I started that website forever ago! It's still around, that makes me happy!!) but once we got here my husband asked me to please consider pulling back on commission knitting. He said he didn't love how I took something I really enjoyed and morphed it into something that stressed me out. He's a good guy!

I have so many scraps and I keep thinking I want to do something random, but get all worried it won't look nice. I should just dive in huh?