Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eats From Last Week

I made Arthur some homemade baby cookies using rice cereal, natural applesauce, baking powder, a little sugar, a little vanilla, water, and egg yolks. They turned out pretty good and he loved them. I will make more of these since the kid goes through a container of baby cheeto puff things every single day! That's about 2.00 a day in snacks!

Blueberry muffins. Ok, I admit, they are from a package and I just had to add milk. But boy were they delicious. It was a morning when Charlie was sleeping in a little and Arthur and I wanted something easy and yummy for breakfast. I put him in the Moby wrap and we made the muffins together, then enjoyed eating them together in front of the tv.

Grilled chicken (mine was tiny since last time we went shopping I just got a cheap bag of breasts and they weren't very big) and more baked potato casserole. It's sooo yummy and I wanted to use the last of the broccoli and sausage before it turned.

Chicken enchiladas! These came out great! It made enough to have for lunch, Charlie's dinner, and some to put back in the freezer for another day.

It's not pretty, but it tastes really good... Manicotti. Next time I think I'll add some ground beef.

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