Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Toy!

We got our tax refund and Charlie and I got some things taken care of (we paid off and closed our last credit card!), have some put in savings for moving, and some put in savings as cushion money in case something happens with his job, like he loses hours or something. With all that done, we still had a little bit leftover for us to spend on ourselves (yay for money-maker little Arthur, lol!). We rarely get to splurge and treat ourselves, so we are doing it right now since we are caught up and have a little put back.

The first thing that I ordered with my money...

An Ashford Inklette Loom! Here it is in pieces still, drying after being stained and sealed.

I had to sadly sell my RH loom (and my drum carder) in order to pay the bills and was quite heartbroken over it. I had seen inkle looms before at fiber demonstrations and loved the idea of a small and portable loom that can make all sorts of bands and straps. They are relatively cheap, too... I got the Inklette (smaller version of their Inkle loom), The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon, and 3 cones of cotton weaving yarn for only 110.00, plus there was mind-bogglingly fast free shipping (ordered on Wednesday, arrived today on Friday). It was my first order from The Woolery and it will certainly not be my last.

Anyway, I choose this kit with the smaller Inklette versus just the larger inkle loom because of price (the larger loom is 100.00 and doesn't come with anything extra). If I end up loving it, I can always buy the larger loom later or ask for it as a birthday or Christmas gift. If I end up being so-so about inkle weaving, then it wasn't too huge of an investment. If I got the larger loom right off, then I would've also had to buy the book (30.00 on its own), some suitable yarn, etc, so the cost would've been significantly higher. The Inklette will do 2 inch wide bands up to 72" long and the larger one will do 3-4 inch wide bands up to 11.5 feet long.

I will be assembling this tomorrow and hopefully can warp it immediately. I can't wait! I know that I want to make collars and leashes for the dogs, a belt for me, Charlie, and Arthur, and some shoelaces. Very exciting and I'll be sure to post updates.

I also made a smallish Knit Picks order, taking advantage of the sock yarn and alpaca sales, and made an etsy order. I haven't purchased from etsy since before we moved to Michigan! Kind of hard to believe since I used to order there so much before... I guess that's what unemployment and such will do to you. I ordered some natural handmade soap, some reusable toiletry items, and some delicious roving that you'll just have to see once it arrives. The fiber was a definite splurge, a little more expensive than I usually go for, but the colorway and prep was just too gorgeous to pass up and I haven't purchased fiber in years so I think it's ok (and I got 12 ounces so can actually do something with it!).

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Pumpkin said...

Goodness, I wish my return was that good this year, we must have higher taxes in my state/county. A loom! How lovely, I can only imagine all of the pretty things you'll make on it. Enjoy the new fiber!