Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is the scarf that never ends....

it goes on and on my friends...

Loxley is taking forever!!! I got through the first, more interesting, part pretty quickly but these 32" long garter stitch portions are slow-growing. Granted, I haven't given it much attention in the past few days due to sheer exhaustion and being completely uninterested in much more than caring for Arthur and minimal housework/cooking... Charlie's been on the overnights and Arthur hasn't been sleeping well, so that means I'm up with him night and day. Fortunately, he goes to 3 (sometimes 4) nights starting this week, so will be able to help out a little more. Glad for it, I think I might not make it much longer with only 4 hours of sleep at night and the random and quite rare 2 hour nap during the day!

I seriously need to work on the scarf more though! I had promised it over a week ago, but that didn't happen. I want to have it completely done by this coming weekend so that he can use it. Doable, but I need to actually work on it. I am about 27 inches in on one side; I need to reach 32 inches before I can start working on the decreases. Then I have to do the other side.

It's a fun knit, though a bit boring. I like to wear it while I knit.

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