Saturday, April 20, 2013


I'm in love with my latest FOs...

These are San Francisco Purses made from Felici Sport by Knit Picks (who else? ;)

I like both, but the more subtle striping of the Boutique colorway (left) came out real nice. I do love the bolder Groovy color (right) as well, though!

They are pretty small (small scissors for size reference), but the pattern is meant to be a little girl's purse, so they are perfect for that. I don't have recipients in mind, so these will go in the FO box to be either used as gifts or taken to a craft show to be sold.

I have been working on the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top on and off, but have set it aside to work on a Genesis Crescent Shaped Lace Shawlette or Scarf (a real mouthful!) for my mother-in-law's birthday. I came across the pattern the other day when it was being offered for free and instantly knew that I had to make it for Mom... she's deeply religious and always admires my knitting, so this is perfect. I ordered some KP Cotlin (in Celery) and cast on for it yesterday. It will be my travel knitting next week... Arthur and I are going to Georgia! My parents are flying us down to visit for a week; I'm super excited :) Unfortunately, Charlie can't go because of work, so we will miss him a lot (Oh, and he started his fulltime position tonight!!! Yay for steady paychecks!!!)

Today was our 2nd wedding anniversary and it was nice. Way better than last year's... he was away on a mission and we were states apart! He had to work last night and tonight, so we didn't have too much time to spend together, but we did get treated to a nice lunch by my FIL and sMIL and then did a quick run to Walmart for a few essentials. He went to sleep after that and Arthur and I hung out at the mall playground. A good day, though it would've been tons better if he didn't have to work. Maybe next year!

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