Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Adult cake

Baby cake

Doljabee, the Korean tradition of letting the baby pick their future at their first birthday party. Items are placed before him and what he grabs first symbolizes his future... knife = warrior, book = scholar, spool of thread = longevity, and money = riches. Daddy wanted him to grab the knife, but he immediate went for the thread! Good pick, little boy!

Macaroni and cheese pizza, his favorite.

Opening presents

Eating presents

Not even half the presents he got that day

Eating cake like a puppy (no hands!)

Daddy helping Arthur eat cake

My handsome little boy

Loaded in the car with all his birthday loot

The big present from Mommy and Daddy... a Lightning McQueen 4-wheeler! He figured out how to drive it immediately, but now wants to be a daredevil baby and STAND on the seat while driving. He likes to live life on the edge :)

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