Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 I love my stash and I love adding to it. I've tried the "yarn diets" before, but never took them seriously so always ultimately failed at them. I mean, why deny ourselves something that we enjoy so long as we aren't unhealthy/irresponsible about it? I don't go into debt, neglect my duties as wife/mother (ok, maybe I do let the dishes and housework slide from time to time if I'm really involved in a WIP or am on a deadline), or anything else really bad.

I dragged my entire stash out of its wardrobe thing ('the yarn cabinet') the other night so that I could get some Flash Your Stash pictures and to bag everything up. I've been seeing a few beetle bugs here and there in the house and started to worry about the stash and its (formerly) unprotected state. I've never had a bug problem and don't want to get one now! Anyway, I thought that I would share:

 Above is part of the worsted weight, and all the lace, fingering, and bulky.

Then it's the rest of the worsted, and the sport and dk weights, plus my inkle weaving stash of weaving cotton, crochet cotton, and thread.

I really love collecting Knit Picks Palette, so above is my entire Palette stash, as well as the handspun, fiber, and my Palette sampler.

I got a bunch of cheap ziploc bags and now have everything bagged and labelled with yarn company, name, color, and quantity. It's not beautiful, but it's so much easier for me to find what I'm looking for now. Previously, I was having to dig through layers upon layers of yarn that had just been shoved in wherever it would fit. With this new system, the tags are right there for me to easily see... it's truly grab and go and I love it.

Unfortunately, because I'm no longer shoving things in, not everything fit back into the yarn cabinet. I have a large tote with dishcloth cotton and "offbrand" (non-KP) workhorse wools. Oh, and this doesn't fit either...

I got a KP giftcard for my birthday and this is the order. It really doesn't fit, so it is going into the tote as well. I've been doing some reorganizing of the house and am putting my spinning wheel and excess yarn and supplies into our bedroom (away from curious baby hands), so these new treasures will still be right there for me whenever I may need them. (The 7 balls of Brava Sport there in the front are going to my mom, but the rest is all for me)

Even though I don't believe in yarn diets, I think I am at a point to where I don't really desire new yarn like I used to. Would I spend a gift card if I got one... heck yeah. But I'm not window shopping and drooling over yarn online like I normally do. I think it's a mixture of seeing exactly what all I have (I do keep my Ravelry stash updated as well and it's been an invaluable tool) and a lack of space. I don't have any purchases planned for anytime in the forseeable future, unless it's for a specific project that I just don't have proper yarn for (unlikely to happen). I say all this, but then again KP hasn't released their new yarn lines yet... ;)

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Pumpkin said...

I totally agree, why not indulge in one thing that you love to do? That organization system is fantastic! I think it looks kind of nice because it is so ordered. I also don't see too much yarn, I see many possibilities!