Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I'm a little bummed that I won't be spending Father's Day with my daddy, but we are about 12 hours apart and it just can't happen. I did mail a package (though he won't get it til Monday... I spent the extra 3.00 for it to go priority and get there by today, but it's late... grrr) and will certainly be giving him a call tomorrow. His main gift that he'll be getting Monday:

I embroidered a sheriff's badge onto a handgun case for him. It's not perfect (it was my second time embroidering and I was going through about 3/4" of padding on the case), but I learned a lot from it. Daddy will love it irregardless, as that is what daddies do!

We went to my FIL's house today to celebrate Father's Day and I gifted him with an embroidered golf towel that I made. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to him, but it was a big hit. I didn't know that he actually really needed a new towel because someone recently stole his (thief at the golf course... wow). I got the best compliment that a crafter could ever hope for... everyone thought that it was machine-made and I just bought it! FIL asked where I got it and I thought that he meant the pattern/inspiration (which is here, by the way), so said that it was a graphic I saw and thought was cool. They were surprised to find that I had actually hand embroidered it. I was quite pleased!

My sFIL will be getting the same gift, but his is embroidered with a golfball and tee.

I also gifted Charlie with his present, which he loved:

I embroidered a zombie hand and "Zombie Hunter" into felt, then sewed it onto a new gun case for him!

The green floss contrasts with the felt more in real life. I got the zombie hand from Urban Threads (they have really great stuff) and the writing is some that I found doing a google search and just copied. The stitching was fun, but attaching it onto the gun case wasn't easy. I got smart after doing my dad's gift and sewed only through the top layer of fabric, but it was difficult. I love the finished result, though, so it was well worth it.

Tomorrow will be staying home with Charlie and Arthur, maybe a trip to the park, and me doing some reorganizing on the house. I'm slowly getting this place to where I want it.

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