Monday, June 3, 2013

FO and The Garden!

It seems like I haven't had a FO in ages and I finally have one tonight! I made a Genesis Shawlette for my MIL's birthday (05 May). I had all but about 3/4 of the edge finished by then, so I showed it to her and promised that it would be completed soon. Fastfoward to a month later and it's finished! The edge was just so boring after a while that I couldn't bear to pick it up most days.

I made myself work on it over the weekend and was able to finish the knitting and get it blocked and dried by today. So glad to have it off the needles and ready to go to its new home.

The true color is somewhere between the two pictures. I used KP Cotlin in Celery... I wanted a multi-seasonal, easycare, no-chance-of-felting yarn in a pretty green. I was very pleased with the color and how well it blocked out. I didn't use wires or even any pins, instead laying it flat after a bath. It turned out well enough, great knowing this because that is likely how my MIL will be drying it (or just tossing it into the dryer to shrink up and look all rumpled... that's actually probably more likely).

So the next thing that will be jumping on the needles is a felted lunchbox for Charlie. He's been pestering me for one and I guess it's time to start on it. I think I'll be knitting Brown Bag in KP WotA Bulky, Chocolate. Just need to wind the yarn and start swatching, which I think I'll do tonight before bed.

Now, for a garden update:

Everything has been coming up great, but there were a few mishaps and such that killed a few things. First, I accidentally knocked over my cilantro seedlings and they all died. Then Barrett knocked over my rosemary pot and they all died. And the squirrels... oh, those darn squirrels! If they'd sit still for 2 seconds I'd get them with the pellet gun and have squirrel sandwiches for dinner! They've dug up a few of my sprouts and I could just wring their little necks for it.

Other than that, though, everything is flourishing. The tomato in the Topsy Turvy is doing great and has a few buds starting to open up. Arthur will be so glad because that baby just loves tomatoes! He goes crazy for them. I also have zucchini, cucumbers, bitter melon (I think that's what it is, I didn't mark exactly where I planted everything), mammoth sunflowers, dill, lavender, sage, grapefruit mint, lemon balm, and bellpepper growing. Here are some pictures I took today:

Now I'm off to wind the yarn for the lunchbox and swatch!

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Pumpkin said...

Well a project that pretty takes time, it turned out beautiful! It is fun to see your garden grow too, hopefully you guys get plenty of rain!