Saturday, June 8, 2013


Charlie works at the county jail and was sad to find out that he can't take his favorite metal lunchbox with Superman on it. I've been putting his lunches in Walmart bags, but he hates that and requested a knitted lunchbox. I had originally planned on knitting Brown Bag with some bulky wool, but changed my mind when I thought about how often I'll probably have to clean this thing. Charlie can be a bit rough on his possessions and this will be in a jail, get spills on it, be tossed into the floorboard of the car, etc. I need something machine-washable. So, no felt.

I found the Happy Bento Lunch Caddy during a search and it is perfect! We don't do bento lunches (though they do look fun and may be something I'll do for Arthur's lunches oneday), but the shape is perfect for the containers I use for Charlie's lunch. I dug through my big tote of cotton and "other" yarn and found 4 balls of SnC Denim in Indigo and hooked away.

It turned out real nice. I modded the pattern to fit my larger containers and to give it a little extra room for other goodies (junkfood).

He initially said that it was a little girly when he saw how it looked closed up, but then decided that he does in fact like it.

The closure/strap is pretty clever. There are 3 small rings (one each on 3 sides) and the larger loop for the handle. Just pull the loop through the rings and it's closed up and you have a strap to carry it by.

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Pumpkin said...

Yeah I remember when I volunteered at a prison, I couldn't even take in pens or wear bobby pins in my hair, it was only minimum security. That looks like a great compromise though, it should keep everything cool for a while and looks great and sturdy.