Sunday, June 9, 2013


The newest member of the family!

Charlie and I like to browse the craiglist pet ads every now and then just to see if there's anything interesting and he saw an ad for a free-to-good-home Rat Terrier. We had been wanting to add a small dog to the family since Gideon went to live with his mom and stepdad last year (and he's much happier there than he was with us... Barrett was too much for him, Arthur torments him specifically, etc). We got some info on this little girl, named Stella, and I went to meet her.

She's purebred Rat Terrier, on the smaller side of the breed standard. According to the owners, they got her as a pup from a breeder about a year and a half ago, but they recently moved and their city only allows 2 dogs per household so they chose to rehome her. She's a bit nervous by nature, but isn't snappy or too skittish. She took an immediate liking to me and follows me around everywhere --- snuggles under the covers when we sleep, follows me to the bathroom, stands at my feet when I do dishes, etc. We changed her name to Nibbler, like Leela's pet on Futurama. Charlie thinks she looks like an alien and wanted some sort of alien name for her.

She gets along with Partner and Barrett and simply avoids Arthur, who does enjoy giving her a playful chase around the living room, but isn't nearly quick enough (yet) to catch her. When I hold her for him, he gently pets her and she sits still for a few moments before wanting to leave again. We are ok with her not wanting to be around him since she never snaps at him even if he does pet a little too hard.

Once we move we will likely get a puppy specifically for Arthur, but that probably won't be for a while. We need to get moved first and would like for Arthur to be closer to 2 anyway. He adores animals, dogs especially, and really wants one that will just let him love on it as much as he wants. Barrett is very tolerant, but she's bonded to me. Every boy needs a dog to grow up with.

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