Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I've pulled the inkle loom out of the closet this week and have two FOs and a new WIP that I'm loving...

This one has been mailed to my dad. He had requested a brown and black leash and I finally got around to making it. My mom will be doing the sewing and adding the hardware (my sewing machine isn't working right now).

I had started this a while back and finally got around to finishing. It was an attempt at shoelaces and it worked, but I would have to make another to have a pair and I just don't feel like making a second one. Soooo, it'll become something else instead.

An American flag band that will become a collar and leash set for Barrett! I really love how this is coming out. I saw a few drafts for similar designs online, but I modded this one to suit my preferences. I will post the pattern soon, once I am finished with this project.

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Sheri n Teri Eldridge said...

Love it! But then, I enjoy inkle as well. I even have made my own looms. Sheri