Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Still Obsessed

I just can't stop stitching! My knitting mojo was completely gone there for a little while, but it's finally starting to creep back...

I had much than this done on the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, but had to frog the entire thing after realizing that I had cast on twice the number of stitches needed and that I had been happily knitting a tent without even knowing it. Ugh. The second attempt seems to be the right size and I've been working on it a little each night.

Most of my time has been going toward embroidery. It's just so satisfying and quick. I think that's why I have been preferring it to knitting lately... I work on the top and see no real production for the amount of time I put into it, but I can finish a small embroidery project in no time.

The Summer Stitching Club has been so much fun and I still say to jump in and join! It's only 8.00 and you can join anytime (you will receive all the patterns released so far). This is everything so far (the sno cone was just released yesterday and wasn't yet added to the big picture when I took it):


Isn't it turning out so cute?!

I have already made and put together the non-stitched hexis, so am just waiting for each Monday to get the new release. I love these simple summery designs and mentioned to Wild Olive that it would be awesome to have fall, winter, and spring versions so that I could join all the seasons together into a lap quilt... she said that she does have plans for something fun, so we'll see!

I have also been working on some of my own designs... Swirly Animals! I have been drawing and stitching and these are what I have done so far:






They aren't perfect, but I like them well enough. I have a few more already drawn out that just need to be stitched (a dog, a grasshopper, a guinea pig, a second bird, and a few others).

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