Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sneak Peak

I have had a fun little fall project in my head for a while and I finally started it yesterday night. It's not finished yet, but I did get one chunk of the embroidery done. I love these little guys from the wonderful Wild Olive! (blog link can be found to the right)

I hope to finish the project tomorrow night and I'll show it off then.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


My mom is an excellent sewer (seamstress?). She made most of our clothes growing up and made all my dad's vest covers, our Halloween costumes, and also went to craft shows every weekend with her dresses and other kid's clothes. She made Arthur's crib set and can pretty much sew anything. I, on the other hand, rarely got on the sewing machine. I made a stuffed dinosaur once and also a wallet or two, but that's pretty much it.

Now I want to learn to sew.

Of course, I can't just start off with a little easy project. I am attempting to make a quilt. It is going to be a gift for my MIL and sFIL for Christmas... talk about an ambitious first project! I don't have a machine yet, but I was informed yesterday that it will be my early Christmas present from my parents.

I am making the Promises and Borders quilt. I have purchased all the necessary supplies and already cut out all the squares (though in my inexperience, I made a few mistakes).

I took advantage of Joann's birthday sale and got all the fabric on sale. I love the floral print and the accent colors I chose! The green has white print on it like the blue does (though not exactly the same), but it's hard to see in the pic.

The quilt incorporates embroidery. There are 10 embroidered blocks, but they are pretty simple pieces so hopefully won't take too long. This is the first one, still in progress.

Oh, and speaking of quilts, the Summer Stitching Club has come to an end (except for next week's binding instructions). Since Mollie will be continuing the clubs for each season, I am going to leave this part alone so that I can join all the seasons into a blanket.

My favorite pattern is the last one, a hippo swimring! I love hippos.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Long Time No See

I have been meaning to do a few posts for a while now, but I haven't really had the chance before now. I promise to be better about posting in the future, though I don't think I actually have readers (which is ok, though readers are always nice!).

On the personal front, things are going well enough here at the Knoll home. Arthur is growing like crazy and has the cutest and funniest personality ever. He's our little comedian and will do anything to get a laugh out of us! Charlie is still working overnights at the jail... it's hard on me since it seems that he's always either working or sleeping, but he enjoys it and I get to stay home so I can't complain too much.

The chickens are doing great and we love them! They are laying more eggs that we can eat, so family and friends are also enjoying fresh eggs.

We found a home for Nibbler today. My SIL really wanted her, but we were being pressured by our annoying neighbors since the limit is 3 dogs and we had 4 (yes, we got a new puppy... Charlie wanted her). Erin couldn't take her yet due to her living situation, so we found a wonderful family for her to live with. They had rat terriers in the past and instantly fell in love with her.

About the new pup...

This is Remington, Remi for short. She was born in June and is a pit mix of some sort (they said pit/Rott, but I really don't think so). We got her from a meth addict living in horrid conditions (oh how I felt for her 3 young children!) who just wanted enough to cover her next fix. Remi is a total sweetheart and fits in perfectly here.

 On the crafting front, I've been busy!

I finally finished the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top! It's made from KP Shine Sport (Dandelion and Platinum). I made a few mods to it, mostly knitting it in the round and really doing my own thing on the lace part. I love it, though do wish that I had my pre-baby body back so that it looked a little better on me...

I also made Arthur a winter hat. I use KP Swish DK in Rainforest Heather, which is actually much richer and greener than this picture shows. I used my Dragon Baby Hat pattern, upsized to fit 18-24 months. Both projects are part of My Sister's Knitter's KAL (blog link on sidebar to the right).

Next to be swatched are a Lila's Cardigan for me and a Gramps Cardigan for Arthuroni.

I've also been keeping up with my embroidery:

The Summer Stitching Club is coming to a close, with tomorrow being the last pattern release. This picture is one week behind (there is a really cute beach umbrella that isn't pictured). Fortunately, Wild Olive is keeping up the fun with a fall version! The summer one is meant to be a doll quilt or a wall hanging and the fall one is set up to be a pillow cover, but I will be setting them up the same so that I can join them into a lap quilt (I think she will be doing a winter and spring set as well).

Ok, that's it for now. I have a Christmas gift in the works that I really want to tell y'all about, but that is for another day.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Not A Whole Lot New

I've been working as much as I can on the lattice top, but it's slow going. I did manage to whip up a little chapstick cozy keychain for Charlie the other night, though. I used some scraps of KP Felici (Minty).

We got chickens! Our city allows 3 hens with a license (really ridiculous how you have to register them and provide ages, names, breeds, etc!), so here are Kung Pao, Rockadoodle, and Teriyaki. They are ISA Browns and excellent layers... we've gotten 7 eggs in 4 days and that's with lowered production from the move!

We also got a new puppy. Charlie really wanted her, so we got her. Nibbler, the Rat Terrier, is going to live with my sister in law (she just fell in love with her). Remington, aka Remi, is a 3 month old pit mix. She's a total lovebug and is so great with Arthur. I'll post pics of her and her new collar I made soon.

 Then, my sweet little Arthur. He loves his trench coat!