Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm On A Roll

I just can't stop knitting!

I finished the first set of legwarmers for Christian and brother Arthur's Christmas hat!

The legwarmers were a breeze to knit. Quick project and the yarn was so lovely. I used Stroll Tweed held doubled and I couldn't get over how soft and cushy it was! I think I may need to put some on my KP wishlist for myself! I have started her second pair (same yarn, different colorway) and they are easy, but not as fun due to the tighter gauge the pattern has. I hope to finish them by the middle of the week, hopefully sooner, so that I can start on some fun stuff again.

My brother's Captain America Hat in Brava Sport (Red, White, Celestial)! It was a satisfying knit and stayed interesting from the color changes. I think he's going to go crazy when he sees it... he loves Cpt America and anything I knit for him.

Not an FO, but a cute pic. Splinter is the new addition (I missed having a ratty friend around) and Arthur is absolutely obsessed with him. He wants to pet him all day and cries when I put him back in his cage. Splinter is actually helping us with Arthur's speech therapy, which was unexpected and a gerat surprise... Arthur is so motivated to pet him that he uses his sign language and attempts verbal communication even more! We've been going to a speech therapy school thing for an hour a week and Arthur has made some real improvements in talking and communicating. He says Dada, uh-oh, and has just started saying Muh (instead of Buh like used to) when he wants more to eat/drink. He also does signs for more, eat, and drink. All of this in just the 3 weeks that he's been going to therapy! Before, he didn't have any real words and zero signs. The school is good socialization for him (it's a playgroup environment) and teaches us how to teach him at home.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mutt Afghan

It's been a good minute since I last shared this, but here's an update on the scrappy granny square afghan I am making from all my leftovers:

Isn't it gorgeous???

It is entirely from scraps/leftovers of past projects (2 or 3 scraps were gifted to me in a RAK, but the rest are my own) and they are all natural plant/animal fibers, with a few blends mixed in. I love that it's a quick and easy way to use up scraps of almost any length... some are a mere 4 inches long! If I can join it, I'm adding it to the blanket. Weights range from sport to bulky and I'm not being at all conscious of what is added next; when I get a scrap, I simply join it to the blanket and go with it.

My friend Danielle saw a picture of the blanket on facebook today and said that her great Aunt Frances called these 'Mutt Blankets' and I loved it! So, this is my mutt afghan so far.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2 FOs

But I'm only showing one of them for now.

The Lila's Cardi is finished and drying after a bath. I think it's going to take another day, maybe two, before she's completely dry. I can't wait! I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it, though it does seem to be a little too big. We'll know for sure once it's dry and I'll share pics then.

The one that I can show is the Cardiff Cowl for my SIL, Brooke:

It was crocheted on the way to my MIL's house and then driving around town. So easy and quick, my favorite kind of gift making. The color here is true as far as vibrancy, but is a little too turquoise... it's more of a teal color in real life.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

FO (but not the knitting type)

My parents got me a sewing machine as an early Christmas gift. It came in the mail two days ago, but this was the first day that I got to try it out. I love it! It's a basic model, but perfect for learning on. My dad normally would never allow me to have an early gift, but I needed the machine to make a few presents... he thinks that he'll get one of them, so he was ok with it, hahaha.

Here's the sewing machine (still in the box, I haven't got a pic of it out of the box yet):

I've named it Nahbi, which means butterfly in Korean. My mom loves Nahbi as a name, so it's fitting since my mom gifted me the machine, is my sewing hero and mentor, and of course because of the butterflies!

Now for the FO. I had originally planned on finishing the sweater tonight, but really wanted to try out the machine instead. So, here it is:

A mug rug! I never really understood the appeal of these oversized coasters/mini placemats before, but now I totally get it! They are quick and fun to make, have endless possibilities, can tie in multiple crafts (like embroidery), and are a treat to use! I feel so special having a useful and pretty piece of mini art to place my mug on.

I used Wild Olive's tutorial, but added a few lines of quilting to the embroidered part just to keep that side from being too loose. It most certainly is not perfect (those corners on the binding...), but I learned a lot for next time and am really really really pleased with how it came out. It was an ambitious first project as I have extremely limited sewing experience/skills and have never quilted anything before (much less did a binding). Wild Olive, as usual, didn't disappoint in her explanations and pictures and I credit her for how well it came out for this first-timer.

I see quite a few more of these guys in my future! Maybe some as Christmas gifts... I'm thinking maybe one for my dad since he did give in and let me have Nahbi early!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Yet again, I have let blogging slip. The days just go by so quickly and before I know it, it's nearly the end of the month! Remember being a kid and time going by sooo slowly? It seemed the Christmas was always forever away, the school year was so long, and even the weekends seemed so far away. Now I'm just wishing that days could seem a little slower, especially now that we have Arthur and he's growing so fast.

Anyway, I am having a great time in the My Sister's Knitter KAL (blog link to the right) and am a sleeve away from finishing my final project, the Lila's Cardi in Knit Picks (what else?) Wool of the Andes. I should have that finished and on the blocking board tonight, just in time for this cooler weather that we're having.

The next KAL starts on 01 October and has a fall theme... any projects that utilize fall colors/motifs or is for fall weather. I have a few projects in line for that, plus the GSD Lover's KAL that is going on. I have to have a project list by 30 November and FOs are due by 15 December. Everything has to be for gifts... to be given to others or to ourselves. I definitely have a gift knitting list this year, so the KAL and prizes are a great incentive to get them done.

The Knit List, roughly in order of how I want to do it:

1) Finish Lila's Cardigan for me - KP WotA, Papaya Heather
2) Cardiff Cowl for Brooke (SIL) - KP Swish DK, Marina
3) Cabled Leg Warmers and Boot Cuffs for Christian (sSIL) - KP Stroll Tweed, Oyster Heather
4) Chic Chevron Boot Toppers for Christian - KP Stroll Tweed, Down Heather
5) "William" Jumper (DROPS pattern) for Arthur - KP Felici Sport, Recess
6) Basic Chic Hoodie for me - KP WotA, Cilantro Heather
7) Hat of America for Brother Arthur - KP Brava, Red, White, Celestial
8) Thorpe for Daddy - KP Wota Bulky, Chocolate, and some other undecided bulky
9) Pookies for Mikah (nephew) - KP Swish DK, assorted

Pretty ambitious, considering that I also have a quilt and several embroidery projects to do as Christmas gift, as well as any other last minute additions to the list that might occur. I guess we'll see how well I do... I've been a very motivated knitter for the past few weeks, so as long as I can hang onto the knitting mojo I think I'll be good!

I should I have a new FO for you soon! Now off to knit that sleeve...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Long Overdue

Geez does time go by fast. I have been meaning to post for quite a while now, but time just gets away from me. I don't really get much computer time during the day and at night, once Arthur is in bed and Charlie is at work, I tend to veg out in front of the tv with knitting or embroidery. I promise to be better about it!

I have a few FOs to share and I really like them!

I finished the fall embroidery project:

It's a banner thing for the front door! Super simple, but I think it's cute. It's just two pieces of felt (one made smaller with pinking shears), the embroidered felt sewn on, and some freehand embroidery for the words. The white in the corners was glue that hadn't dried yet (it dried clear). The ribbon is from a dress that no longer fits (yeah, it's depressing but I am working on it). It's not quite officially fall just yet, but the weather has been cooling down and it feels like fall is coming on, so I went ahead and hung it up.
I also finished Arthur's cardigan! It's Gramps and oh-so-cute!

I used Knit Picks City Tweed DK in Porpoise, purchased just for this project. I've been so good about that this year and am quite proud of myself. Anyway, I knit the 18 month size and it's a touch big, but I think he'll be able to squeeze into it next winter as well. I couldn't be happier with the FO, though did learn a few things for next time (namely, don't slip the first stitch of every row because I needed more stitches to pick up for the buttonband. It worked, but would've been easier the other way).

Arthur was NOT thrilled with the sweater, though. My first few attempts at getting him to wear it failed miserably and he screamed, cried, flopped around on the ground, and tried to rip it off his body. When he was dressed for church, though, I knew I was going to win the battle because it is just too cute over slacks, a button-up dress shirt, and a tie. I got smart this time and gave him his favorite motorcycle toy and he forgot all about the sweater and all was well in the world again. Babies are so funny sometimes.

Next up is a sc stitch crocheted bracelet I made on the way to church. It matched my shirt pretty well (KP Stroll Tonal, Goldrush). Not much of a project, but I like it anyway.

Finally, the WIPs. Well, one WIP to show and one to tell about.

To show is the Autumn Stitching Club (see the Wild Olive link on the right sidebar)! We are already 2 weeks in and it's just as fun as the summer club. It is 8.00 again and the instructions are so detailed that anyone can learn to do it. You can join anytime and will be sent all the released patterns so far to get you caught up. This time it is supposed to be a pillow, but I'm making mine in the same format as the summer club so that I can eventually have a big seasons blanket. You can see my fabric selections and embroidery below:

I love that basket of leaves! So cute and definitely fall-sy.

For the tell, I have started my Lila's Cardigan in KP WotA, Papaya Heather. I wasn't sure about the color at first, but I decided to stick with it anyway and now I do think that it'll be good on me. I'm only about 10 inches or so in, but hope to have it completed by the 22nd... the end of the kal I'm in. If I can finish it by then I would have completed every project I challenged myself with during the kal and I can enter it into the prize drawing.

That was going to be it, but I wanted to share a picture from this weekend. We went to my MIL's house and had lots of fun hunting, fishing, etc. This was my catch for the day on Sunday (the top brim is my sFIL's... I caught 2 smaller bass that were thrown back, the middle brim we kept, and the bottom bass) and we ate the bass for dinner: