Sunday, September 22, 2013

FO (but not the knitting type)

My parents got me a sewing machine as an early Christmas gift. It came in the mail two days ago, but this was the first day that I got to try it out. I love it! It's a basic model, but perfect for learning on. My dad normally would never allow me to have an early gift, but I needed the machine to make a few presents... he thinks that he'll get one of them, so he was ok with it, hahaha.

Here's the sewing machine (still in the box, I haven't got a pic of it out of the box yet):

I've named it Nahbi, which means butterfly in Korean. My mom loves Nahbi as a name, so it's fitting since my mom gifted me the machine, is my sewing hero and mentor, and of course because of the butterflies!

Now for the FO. I had originally planned on finishing the sweater tonight, but really wanted to try out the machine instead. So, here it is:

A mug rug! I never really understood the appeal of these oversized coasters/mini placemats before, but now I totally get it! They are quick and fun to make, have endless possibilities, can tie in multiple crafts (like embroidery), and are a treat to use! I feel so special having a useful and pretty piece of mini art to place my mug on.

I used Wild Olive's tutorial, but added a few lines of quilting to the embroidered part just to keep that side from being too loose. It most certainly is not perfect (those corners on the binding...), but I learned a lot for next time and am really really really pleased with how it came out. It was an ambitious first project as I have extremely limited sewing experience/skills and have never quilted anything before (much less did a binding). Wild Olive, as usual, didn't disappoint in her explanations and pictures and I credit her for how well it came out for this first-timer.

I see quite a few more of these guys in my future! Maybe some as Christmas gifts... I'm thinking maybe one for my dad since he did give in and let me have Nahbi early!

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