Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm On A Roll

I just can't stop knitting!

I finished the first set of legwarmers for Christian and brother Arthur's Christmas hat!

The legwarmers were a breeze to knit. Quick project and the yarn was so lovely. I used Stroll Tweed held doubled and I couldn't get over how soft and cushy it was! I think I may need to put some on my KP wishlist for myself! I have started her second pair (same yarn, different colorway) and they are easy, but not as fun due to the tighter gauge the pattern has. I hope to finish them by the middle of the week, hopefully sooner, so that I can start on some fun stuff again.

My brother's Captain America Hat in Brava Sport (Red, White, Celestial)! It was a satisfying knit and stayed interesting from the color changes. I think he's going to go crazy when he sees it... he loves Cpt America and anything I knit for him.

Not an FO, but a cute pic. Splinter is the new addition (I missed having a ratty friend around) and Arthur is absolutely obsessed with him. He wants to pet him all day and cries when I put him back in his cage. Splinter is actually helping us with Arthur's speech therapy, which was unexpected and a gerat surprise... Arthur is so motivated to pet him that he uses his sign language and attempts verbal communication even more! We've been going to a speech therapy school thing for an hour a week and Arthur has made some real improvements in talking and communicating. He says Dada, uh-oh, and has just started saying Muh (instead of Buh like used to) when he wants more to eat/drink. He also does signs for more, eat, and drink. All of this in just the 3 weeks that he's been going to therapy! Before, he didn't have any real words and zero signs. The school is good socialization for him (it's a playgroup environment) and teaches us how to teach him at home.

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