Monday, October 28, 2013


No pictures in this post because my phone is finally charging and there's no way I'm fixing to interrupt it to get the memory card out. I have a cheapie prepaid phone and it's so darn difficult to get it to charge correctly. I'll do a better update with pictures soon.

We went on our Gatlinburg trip and it was amazing! We ate lots of yummy food, walked the strip at night, went to Dollywood, and went on a little hike on part of the Appalachian Trail (which Charlie and I plan on doing in its entirety at some point).

I took a crafting break during the trip, but picked back up where I left off as soon as we were home again. I am bound and determined to finish my gift list this year! Here's the new (and final, I think) list:

Momma - 2 ideas, not settled on which one yet... a Tervis cup and mug rug or 50.00 worth of KP Brava Sport (her favorite yarn). It depends on how much money we have to spare.
Daddy - A Tervis cup and a mug rug. I made the SHOTUS hat for him, but am sending it early.
Brother Arthur - Captain America Hat (KP Brava Sport) DONE
Brooke (SIL) - Cardiff Cowl (KP Swish DK) DONE
Mikah (Nephew) - Pookies (KP Swish)
Mom (MIL) - Mug with Arthur's picture and "Grandma's Favorite Mug" and a mug rug, Joshua 1:9 embroidery
John (sFIL) - Same mug as Mom and a mug rug
Dave (FIL) - not sure, Charlie will have to pick it
Theresa (sMIL) - Framed Family Tree (Stump) embroidery DONE
Alicia (SIL) - Spruce Infinity Scarf (KP Swish DK) started
Ryan (BIL) - Ninja Turtles Pillow (KP Brava Worsted)
Mila (Niece) - Isabella Bonnet (KP Stroll Sport) DONE
Erin (SIL) - probably a gift card, maybe something handmade if she can give me some ideas
Talia (SIL) - Crocheted infinity scarf she showed me a picture of (KP Brava Worsted)
Michael (BIL) - Convertible mittens (KP WotA and Cascade 220)
Charlie - Probably ham radios he's been wanting, maybe a hat too if I have time
Arthur - Probably nothing handmade since he gets them year round and is too little to appreciate them

Whew! I also have a few orders that I need to complete before Christmas... 2 Owlet sweaters with matching hats (18 months and 4 years), a Baby Sophisticate with matching hat (12 months), and a crocheted scarf. I'm so thankful that I've been getting orders in here and there from my facebook page. I'm not making tons of money, but it's a little extra and every little bit helps!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gift Knitting

I'm on a gift-making frenzy. I am bound and determined to complete my gift knitting list this year!

I finished Arthur's new sweater. It's not what I had wanted, but it's done and there's no way that I'm frogging it after all the fits it gave me. It should've been a breeze, but I had issues the entire way. The sizing, the sleeve length, the fact that I bound off the underarm stitches in the wrong place on one sleeve (leaving the decreases on the back of the arm, not the underside), the collar wasn't to my liking so I had to mod it, etc. It came out too big, but wearable. It'll be better for next year though. I used KP Felici Sport (RIP) in my favorite colorway, Recess.

A hat for my dad, who calls himself the Sheriff of the United States (SHOTUS). The top has a sheriff's gold star. The brown is J. Knits Charming in Missouri (can you believe it? A non-KP yarn!) and the yellow is KP Swish DK in Cornmeal.

The above is a mug rug for my Aunt Debbie. She is single, no kids, and her beloved Mollie the Cocker Spaniel is like her child. Arthur and I are going to Gatlinburg this weekend for a trip with her and my other aunt (and uncle and cousins) and she is paying our way, so this is an appreciation and thank you gift. I already sent her a picture and she loves it.

And finally, a little something for me. I made my first "complicated" sewing project while Arthur was still visiting my inlaws. It's a Buttercup Bag using some fat quarters I had. It's not perfect and I'm not totally in love with the print, but I didn't want to use my good stuff on my first try. I like it a lot still and am using it. I plan on making a few more of these to give as gifts and for myself (in prettier fabric!).

I am making good progress on gift making, but still feel like I have a long way to go. I guess I really do, though. I still need to do some embroidery for both mothers-in-law, make a scarf for my SIL, house slipper socks for my BIL, a hat and a toy for my niece, Pookie toys for my nephew, a few little things for Charlie's coworkers, a hat for me (started, but only a few rows worth right now), finish up a bib set for the shop, and figure out what to do for the rest of the family. Yikes! I had better get off here and start working!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spicer Cider Mill

Arthur has been visiting grandparents since Friday. His aunt, uncle, and 4 cousins (ages 3 to 9) are in town from Texas as well. He has had so much fun with them! I miss my little monkey, but it's good for him to be away from us for a little while and to spend time with family. We did go with them to the cider mill yesterday, here are some pictures from that:

It was so much fun. I fully intended on bringing him home yesterday, but his cousins begged and begged to have more time with him and he was quite happy to stay, so he's coming home tomorrow morning.

I think someone needs a pony for his second birthday... He absolutely LOVED the pony ride and wasn't the least bit scared. I had horses since I was 11 and can't wait to have them again. We are definitely moving to Georgia in March or so and my parents said that they'll happily keep a pony for him on their property if we help with some of the labor of putting up more fence. My mom is dead set on getting him a mini donkey for his birthday.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Could I Forget?!

I just realized that I never showed off my finished Lila's Cardi! I have horrible pictures of it for now, but hope to get better ones when we go to the cider mill this Friday (as long as the cooler weather keeps up). Til then, here are some bathroom mirror cell phone ones:

I love it! I'm so glad that I actually went ahead and made it. I was second-guessing myself just before casting on... Does this design look good on me? Does the color? Will I actually wear this? I cast on anyway and am very pleased with the FO.

I am planning my second fall/winter cardi now. I think I'm going to go with another Basic Chic Hoodie. It would be my second time making this (I made one in 2010). I liked the first one well enough, but it was too floppy... I think it was my yarn choice and gauge. This time I would actually check gauge and use WotA, a non-superwash wool. I'm just not a superwash fan; I have found that they will all eventually felt and that they don't have the same properties as regular wool, the things that make me love wool so much. I don't mind it so much in sock yarn, but other stuff... just give me the plain stuff! I have 14 balls of WotA in Cilantro Heather lined up for this cardi when I get around to it. I hope to cast on by the end of the month.

I do have a few more FOs to show off (I just can't stop knitting!)...

Another Cardiff Cowl, this time in KP City Tweed DK, Rhubarb. This is for the shop.

A Woolly Owl Hat, upsized for adult large, in KP Palette held double (Huckleberry Heather, Black, Mist, Wallaby, and Turmeric). This was made at the request of my old college roommate, Weatherly. It was actually a bit of a pain, I'm almost embarrassed to say... such a simple design, but since I was upsizing it from a children's sizes I had to keep figuring just how loose, tall, etc I wanted it. I think I started over a total of 4 times, twice being nearly complete.

And for one of the cutest FOs I've ever made, Entrechat for Mila's first birthday (my niece). I used KP Chroma in Azalea. I normally wouldn't do a baby knit in Chroma, but I'm always available to wash it if needed and it was an odd ball that I got in a trade. Plus, look at those colors!

I also made a baby bib in KP Dishie and plan on making a few more to have onhand as gifts. I'll post pics of that when I'm finished with all of them. I'm currently working on a simple pullover sweater in KP Felici Sport (Recess) for Arthur. I love love love the colors! I hope to have it finished by the end of next week, when he and I will be driving down to Gatlinburg to spend the weekend with my favorite aunts and cousins! Charlie couldn't go this year because of work and we'll miss him, but will bring back a surprise for him and some Chikfila lemonade and maybe a sandwich or two (CFA is one of the things that I'm most looking forward to... I took it for granted growing up in Georgia! Nothing can satisfy a craving for a good (the best) chicken sandwich ever).

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So I Opened A Shop

I finally opened an Etsy shop and started a Facebook page for my knitting. I don't have anything in the shop yet, but do have some pictures and such posted on FB. If you'd like to check them out and maybe like and share...

Fire Bunny Creations Etsy Shop

Fire Bunny Creations Facebook Page

I'm pretty excited and already have an order for a hat through my FB page. I don't plan on getting rich off this, but was hoping to maybe make a few dollars here and there with it. We'll see how it goes. Either way, it's fun to think about and maintain the pages.

I finished the second pair of leg warmers for Christian:

They turned out to be so pretty and she liked the pics I sent her. They'll be on their way to Minnesota this week.

I also got a better picture of the Captain America hat. I can't wait for my brother to see it!