Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gift Knitting

I'm on a gift-making frenzy. I am bound and determined to complete my gift knitting list this year!

I finished Arthur's new sweater. It's not what I had wanted, but it's done and there's no way that I'm frogging it after all the fits it gave me. It should've been a breeze, but I had issues the entire way. The sizing, the sleeve length, the fact that I bound off the underarm stitches in the wrong place on one sleeve (leaving the decreases on the back of the arm, not the underside), the collar wasn't to my liking so I had to mod it, etc. It came out too big, but wearable. It'll be better for next year though. I used KP Felici Sport (RIP) in my favorite colorway, Recess.

A hat for my dad, who calls himself the Sheriff of the United States (SHOTUS). The top has a sheriff's gold star. The brown is J. Knits Charming in Missouri (can you believe it? A non-KP yarn!) and the yellow is KP Swish DK in Cornmeal.

The above is a mug rug for my Aunt Debbie. She is single, no kids, and her beloved Mollie the Cocker Spaniel is like her child. Arthur and I are going to Gatlinburg this weekend for a trip with her and my other aunt (and uncle and cousins) and she is paying our way, so this is an appreciation and thank you gift. I already sent her a picture and she loves it.

And finally, a little something for me. I made my first "complicated" sewing project while Arthur was still visiting my inlaws. It's a Buttercup Bag using some fat quarters I had. It's not perfect and I'm not totally in love with the print, but I didn't want to use my good stuff on my first try. I like it a lot still and am using it. I plan on making a few more of these to give as gifts and for myself (in prettier fabric!).

I am making good progress on gift making, but still feel like I have a long way to go. I guess I really do, though. I still need to do some embroidery for both mothers-in-law, make a scarf for my SIL, house slipper socks for my BIL, a hat and a toy for my niece, Pookie toys for my nephew, a few little things for Charlie's coworkers, a hat for me (started, but only a few rows worth right now), finish up a bib set for the shop, and figure out what to do for the rest of the family. Yikes! I had better get off here and start working!

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