Monday, October 28, 2013


No pictures in this post because my phone is finally charging and there's no way I'm fixing to interrupt it to get the memory card out. I have a cheapie prepaid phone and it's so darn difficult to get it to charge correctly. I'll do a better update with pictures soon.

We went on our Gatlinburg trip and it was amazing! We ate lots of yummy food, walked the strip at night, went to Dollywood, and went on a little hike on part of the Appalachian Trail (which Charlie and I plan on doing in its entirety at some point).

I took a crafting break during the trip, but picked back up where I left off as soon as we were home again. I am bound and determined to finish my gift list this year! Here's the new (and final, I think) list:

Momma - 2 ideas, not settled on which one yet... a Tervis cup and mug rug or 50.00 worth of KP Brava Sport (her favorite yarn). It depends on how much money we have to spare.
Daddy - A Tervis cup and a mug rug. I made the SHOTUS hat for him, but am sending it early.
Brother Arthur - Captain America Hat (KP Brava Sport) DONE
Brooke (SIL) - Cardiff Cowl (KP Swish DK) DONE
Mikah (Nephew) - Pookies (KP Swish)
Mom (MIL) - Mug with Arthur's picture and "Grandma's Favorite Mug" and a mug rug, Joshua 1:9 embroidery
John (sFIL) - Same mug as Mom and a mug rug
Dave (FIL) - not sure, Charlie will have to pick it
Theresa (sMIL) - Framed Family Tree (Stump) embroidery DONE
Alicia (SIL) - Spruce Infinity Scarf (KP Swish DK) started
Ryan (BIL) - Ninja Turtles Pillow (KP Brava Worsted)
Mila (Niece) - Isabella Bonnet (KP Stroll Sport) DONE
Erin (SIL) - probably a gift card, maybe something handmade if she can give me some ideas
Talia (SIL) - Crocheted infinity scarf she showed me a picture of (KP Brava Worsted)
Michael (BIL) - Convertible mittens (KP WotA and Cascade 220)
Charlie - Probably ham radios he's been wanting, maybe a hat too if I have time
Arthur - Probably nothing handmade since he gets them year round and is too little to appreciate them

Whew! I also have a few orders that I need to complete before Christmas... 2 Owlet sweaters with matching hats (18 months and 4 years), a Baby Sophisticate with matching hat (12 months), and a crocheted scarf. I'm so thankful that I've been getting orders in here and there from my facebook page. I'm not making tons of money, but it's a little extra and every little bit helps!

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