Monday, October 14, 2013

Spicer Cider Mill

Arthur has been visiting grandparents since Friday. His aunt, uncle, and 4 cousins (ages 3 to 9) are in town from Texas as well. He has had so much fun with them! I miss my little monkey, but it's good for him to be away from us for a little while and to spend time with family. We did go with them to the cider mill yesterday, here are some pictures from that:

It was so much fun. I fully intended on bringing him home yesterday, but his cousins begged and begged to have more time with him and he was quite happy to stay, so he's coming home tomorrow morning.

I think someone needs a pony for his second birthday... He absolutely LOVED the pony ride and wasn't the least bit scared. I had horses since I was 11 and can't wait to have them again. We are definitely moving to Georgia in March or so and my parents said that they'll happily keep a pony for him on their property if we help with some of the labor of putting up more fence. My mom is dead set on getting him a mini donkey for his birthday.

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