Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oh, Rats!

Literally, rats!

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a long time knows that I love rats. I had my beloved Squishy during college and was absolutely devastated when I had to put him down in nearly 4 years ago. I have had many others since then, but none have even come close to filling the void that Squishy's death left me with.

I was ratless for a few months this year, then got Splinter at the end of summer. He's a great little guy, very sweet and oh-so-cute. I love him to pieces. He's no Squishy, but he's my little buddy.

He happily modeled the Santa hat I made for him (Arthur and his rabbit, Bubba, got matching ones) in our Christmas tree.

Splinter has been an only-rat since I got him, which isn't ideal. Rats are very social and do best in groups. I had been putting off getting him a buddy, then finally reserved a little blazed Siamese boy from a breeder friend. I will be picking him up next month (along with my English Angora bunny! Will post on that later!). I chose the blazed because it reminded me of my Squishy.

Then I went to Petco today for more bunny litter and had to stop to look at the critters. I saw this and it had to come home with me...

It's (almost) the spitting image of Squishy!

He's a little buck, 8-10 weeks old. I just couldn't leave him behind. Look at how much he looks like old Squish:

Squishy was much older (and dirtier, he needed a bath!) in this pic, but aren't they almost identical?! The only real difference between them is that the new boy has a few splashes of black on his back (Squishy was bareback and had no other markings) and his blaze doesn't go all the way back like Squishy's did.

I think I'll call him Junior.

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