Friday, January 24, 2014

Arthur's Big News!

We finally got to hear the heartbeat this morning and everything is looking good. I'm about 6 weeks, 3 days along and due around 16 September. So exciting!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Morning Calm

Yesterday morning I had a calm and relaxing moment. Just for a moment, because then Arthur needed me and then the dogs needed me and then it was time to wake Charlie up from his nap. But I did enjoy that brief moment when I was left alone with my crochet hook, yarn, and Kindle to catch up on some blog reading...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spin Again

I used to spin almost daily. I could easily finish off a 4 ounce batt in a single evening of spinning. That was pre-marriage and pre-baby, though. I haven't really done much spinning at all since Arthur was born, only doing a bit here and there. I treated myself to 12 ounces of lovely merino from Woollie Bullie last year, but haven't really done much with it since.

Today I was looking through a few of my spinning groups on Rav and my spinning desires were renewed. I will be making an effort this year to put down the needles a few nights a week and bring out the wheel instead. The fiber is so lovely, it's a shame to have it sitting unfinished and unloved. I let the wheel see the light of day for the first time in months (she lives in my craft closet, away from curious and amazingly quick and destructive toddler hands) to get a picture of the only bobbin I've completed of the Raw Turquoise...

It really is quite lovey. That's a nickel there for size reference on the singles, which are spinning up thin. I have been trying to decide how to ply this once I finally have all 12 ounces done... I was thinking of Navajo-plying, but then again a 2-ply would give me more yardage... We will just have to see what the yarn has to say about it. I do have a good ways to go on the spinning, so it'll be a while before I get to the plying part.

Monday, January 13, 2014

One More To Go

I've decided that I can't swatch for my Pomme de pin cardi until I finish the 3 WIPs I had from last year. I finished the burden project (the baby sweater) and now have my boot socks finished:

I used Stroll Sport in Blue Topaz. I got 2 balls of it during the CM sale. I really don't like this color much (it's a deep teal kinda color in real life), but it's good for keeping my feet warm in my boots. I made these toe-up, which I rarely do, because I was determined to use up the entire balls. I ended up stopping short because I just couldn't stand working on them any more. I'm so sad that KP discontinued this yarn. They really left a big gap in their yarn line since the only other sportweight sock yarn, Felici Sport, was discontinued a while back. We are all hoping for a new and wonderful yarn release to fill the gap sometime this year.

Now I'm working hard on my bulky weight shawl. Once that's finished, I will be immediately swatching for Pomme!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally Finished!

Now to knit the things that I want!


Now I can share the news...

I'm pregnant!

I would have a cute picture to share, but we are doing that next week after we get the ultrasound.

We have been trying since the end of April. Well, not really trying, just not preventing. I was kind of getting stressed over it since it just wasn't happening, but now I can finally say it. Yay!

I got the positive home test results on the 4th (Saturday) and had my first appointment today. I'm roughly 6 weeks along and due 07 September. The ultrasound is next Friday and will give a more accurate gestation and due date.

Charlie and I are so happy. When we found out Arthur could see our excitement and he was clapping his little hands together and saying, "YAY!!!!" over and over. It was so sweet (even though he had no clue what we were so happy about).

Our families are hoping for a girl, but we would love another little boy. Boys are fun and Arthur wants a little brother. Plus, we already have a house full of boy stuff. But, really, we would be just as happy with a little girl to love. It sounds cliché, but we just want a healthy baby and the rest doesn't matter.

So, that's the life-changing news. More updates to come!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big News!

But I'm not telling yet! I will have an exciting post on Friday telling some life-changing news, you'll just have to wait and see what it is!

Now for things that I will share today...

Knitting. Ugh. I have been working on my nephew's sweater and I'm not enjoying it very much. I'm making Henry's Sweater in KP Brava Worsted (Dublin colorway) and the pattern and yarn are just fine, I'm just ready to get started on new things. My mom asked me to make this for Mikah as a Christmas gift (but no pressure if it was finished afterward) and it just feels too 2013. I'm ready to get on with the 2014 knits! I have a chunky shawl and 74pair of boot socks on the needles and they want my attention! (though the shawl is starting to feel old now too... maybe I just have a bit of startitis right now)

I will be finishing the sweater tomorrow and will work hard on the shawl to get it over with before I get too tired of it. I need to finish the socks soon as well (I have just a bit of ribbing left on the first one). Then I can start on the fun stuff!

I am in a few KALs right now on Rav and also plan on participating on my first Ravelympic Games (Ravellenic now, thanks to the stinky Olympics committee people making a big deal of it). I am not too happy with a lot of the drama going on over Russia's new gay legislation... the Rav stuff has nothing to do with the actual Games, so I don't see the need to symbolically do stuff to raise awareness over the gay community. I mean, we are already pretty aware. Now, don't go calling me anti-gay and all that. I'm not. I've had gay roommates in college, my favorite SIL is gay, etc. I don't mind what people do, it's their life. I do start to mind when sexuality becomes an identity (on either side) and it gets shoved down our throats (again, from either side). Be who you are and be comfortable and confident in that. That's all. Anyway, there's drama all over the Rav forums and it's getting tiresome.

Ok, back on track to the knitting... I am in 2 KALs over on My Sister's Knitter: a cardigan one and a resolutions one. For the cardi one, I am making Pomme de pin with the City Tweed DK (Kitten) I got in the CM sale. For the resolutions one, I'm entering a few things, including Police Box Mittens (I'm a Whovian now. I just need David Tennant to take me away on the TARDIS), the shawl, the boot socks, leg warmers/knee socks for Arthur, and maybe a few other things. I haven't decided yet what I'll do for the Rav Games.

Now for some pictures of stuff around the house and such, all taken with my new-to-me camera from my dad (a "real" camera!):

I hope y'all are keeping warm!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another New Year

It's that time again! I love planning and making lists, so I look forward to making resolutions every year. I know that it's really just another day and I can resolve to change or accomplish things any old day of the year, but it just seems appropriate and more motivating to do it on the first day of a new year.

Fiber Resolutions:

- Finally make stockings for us. I've had the kit and extra yarn for quite some time now and it needs to get done.
- Knit 12 pairs of adult socks (2 toddler pairs can equal an adult pair).
- Make at least 3 sweaters for me. One of which needs to be a summer top.
- Finish my scrappy sock yarn blanket.
- Knit a skirt for myself.
- Finish spinning the woollie bullie fiber I bought with part of our tax return. Then actually use it to make something.

Non-fiber Resolutions:

-Get back in shape. I'm many pounds heavier than I was pre-pregnancy and need to lose at least 30lbs (in total I want to lose 50).
- Start running again. I used to run daily and really enjoyed it. I just hate the getting-back-into-running part.
- Be nicer to Charlie. I'm not mean to him, but could be nicer and not let me temper go so quickly.
- Potty train Arthur. He's ready for it, I just don't think of it during the day.