Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big News!

But I'm not telling yet! I will have an exciting post on Friday telling some life-changing news, you'll just have to wait and see what it is!

Now for things that I will share today...

Knitting. Ugh. I have been working on my nephew's sweater and I'm not enjoying it very much. I'm making Henry's Sweater in KP Brava Worsted (Dublin colorway) and the pattern and yarn are just fine, I'm just ready to get started on new things. My mom asked me to make this for Mikah as a Christmas gift (but no pressure if it was finished afterward) and it just feels too 2013. I'm ready to get on with the 2014 knits! I have a chunky shawl and 74pair of boot socks on the needles and they want my attention! (though the shawl is starting to feel old now too... maybe I just have a bit of startitis right now)

I will be finishing the sweater tomorrow and will work hard on the shawl to get it over with before I get too tired of it. I need to finish the socks soon as well (I have just a bit of ribbing left on the first one). Then I can start on the fun stuff!

I am in a few KALs right now on Rav and also plan on participating on my first Ravelympic Games (Ravellenic now, thanks to the stinky Olympics committee people making a big deal of it). I am not too happy with a lot of the drama going on over Russia's new gay legislation... the Rav stuff has nothing to do with the actual Games, so I don't see the need to symbolically do stuff to raise awareness over the gay community. I mean, we are already pretty aware. Now, don't go calling me anti-gay and all that. I'm not. I've had gay roommates in college, my favorite SIL is gay, etc. I don't mind what people do, it's their life. I do start to mind when sexuality becomes an identity (on either side) and it gets shoved down our throats (again, from either side). Be who you are and be comfortable and confident in that. That's all. Anyway, there's drama all over the Rav forums and it's getting tiresome.

Ok, back on track to the knitting... I am in 2 KALs over on My Sister's Knitter: a cardigan one and a resolutions one. For the cardi one, I am making Pomme de pin with the City Tweed DK (Kitten) I got in the CM sale. For the resolutions one, I'm entering a few things, including Police Box Mittens (I'm a Whovian now. I just need David Tennant to take me away on the TARDIS), the shawl, the boot socks, leg warmers/knee socks for Arthur, and maybe a few other things. I haven't decided yet what I'll do for the Rav Games.

Now for some pictures of stuff around the house and such, all taken with my new-to-me camera from my dad (a "real" camera!):

I hope y'all are keeping warm!

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Magpie Making Do said...

I had to take a break from the Ravelry forums a few years ago and I haven't really gone back since... the drama can just be so overwhelming. And I imagine they're exploding over this stuff. IDK, as far as I'm concerned, the Ravellenics are their own thing and should be treated as such. PARTICULARLY after the stink the Olympic Committee made over it.

On another note, welcome to the Whovian family! =) Have you watched the whole series yet?