Monday, January 13, 2014

One More To Go

I've decided that I can't swatch for my Pomme de pin cardi until I finish the 3 WIPs I had from last year. I finished the burden project (the baby sweater) and now have my boot socks finished:

I used Stroll Sport in Blue Topaz. I got 2 balls of it during the CM sale. I really don't like this color much (it's a deep teal kinda color in real life), but it's good for keeping my feet warm in my boots. I made these toe-up, which I rarely do, because I was determined to use up the entire balls. I ended up stopping short because I just couldn't stand working on them any more. I'm so sad that KP discontinued this yarn. They really left a big gap in their yarn line since the only other sportweight sock yarn, Felici Sport, was discontinued a while back. We are all hoping for a new and wonderful yarn release to fill the gap sometime this year.

Now I'm working hard on my bulky weight shawl. Once that's finished, I will be immediately swatching for Pomme!

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Magpie Making Do said...

Lovely... but I'm a big fan of teal!