Friday, January 10, 2014


Now I can share the news...

I'm pregnant!

I would have a cute picture to share, but we are doing that next week after we get the ultrasound.

We have been trying since the end of April. Well, not really trying, just not preventing. I was kind of getting stressed over it since it just wasn't happening, but now I can finally say it. Yay!

I got the positive home test results on the 4th (Saturday) and had my first appointment today. I'm roughly 6 weeks along and due 07 September. The ultrasound is next Friday and will give a more accurate gestation and due date.

Charlie and I are so happy. When we found out Arthur could see our excitement and he was clapping his little hands together and saying, "YAY!!!!" over and over. It was so sweet (even though he had no clue what we were so happy about).

Our families are hoping for a girl, but we would love another little boy. Boys are fun and Arthur wants a little brother. Plus, we already have a house full of boy stuff. But, really, we would be just as happy with a little girl to love. It sounds cliché, but we just want a healthy baby and the rest doesn't matter.

So, that's the life-changing news. More updates to come!


Sanja T said...

Congratulations. That is great news!

Magpie Making Do said...

Congrats!!! Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby!