Monday, February 24, 2014


It's been quiet on the blog, but big things have been in the works here...

Remember how we've been wanting to move to Georgia since moving to Michigan in 2011? Well, it looks like we finally are going to, and within the next month!

We don't have everything finalized yet, but the job transfer has been requested and the rental house application has been submitted. If all goes as planned and as we hope, we will be leaving Michigan on March 23 and moving into our new home on the 24th. I'm so excited and nervous (what if we don't get the transfer?!). Now we just wait to see what happens...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting Better?

So after a very rough little bit, I'm finally better. Two days ago I had no sickness at all, just a bit of nausea during lunch, and yesterday I was only sick once and felt great the rest of the day. I was able to eat, cook, clean up the living room a bit, etc. Today I'm fine again, though do have a cold that's leaving me feeling icky, which is better than morning sickness! I'm happy to finally have some relief, but then again my worrying momma brain is wondering if it means something is wrong... why would I suddenly be ok? I have been googling all morning (not the best idea to google symptoms and such, I know) and pretty much everything and everyone is saying that it could be a bad sign, but it's most likely just one of those things and the sickness will be back soon enough. I haven't had anything else to worry about (no cramps or anything), so I guess I'll just wait and see.

I have been knitting again! This is the finished Whitman hat in the handspun I won in a KAL:

It came out beautifully! The pictures aren't at all flattering (Charlie says, "I'm not a photographer!"), but they do show the hat off well.

I have also cast on for a ski mask thing for Charlie in KP Swish DK (Coal colorway). He's been begging for a few handknits, but most of what he wants is unrealistic. Like ammo pouches. It would be much easier and probably even cheaper to just go to the Army/Navy store and buy surplus ones. However, a ski mask is something that I can do and when I made a panic order to KP last week (Felici is being discontinued!), I took advantage of their wool sale and got the yarn for it on a good discount. I also finally got the Fit to Flatter book by Amy Herzog since they had their 40% off book sale going on at the same time. I've been wanting it for so long and am definitely not disappointed. I can't wait to use some of her guidelines in my sweater knitting.

So, now I have a ski mask, a summer cardi, a pair of socks, and my bulky winter wrap on the needles. I may have a bit of startitis going on...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moving Slowly

This baby is killing me. Seriously, I feel horrible.

With Arthur, I felt great, was as active as I wanted to be, ate whatever I wanted, and wondered what everyone was complaining about --- pregnancy was a breeze! I threw up all the time, but I otherwise felt wonderful. This time, not so much. I will be 8 weeks on Tuesday and life is pretty much sucking. I was ok for the most part until about Wednesday, then it all went downhill and is still going. My stomach is sooo unsettled. I'm not just throwing up a lot, but my stomach is also so rumbly feeling. Plus, food disgusts me. All food. The sight of food, the thought of food, the kitchen even. I can't handle it. So, I'm either starving, puking, or so full feeling from a simple pb&j sandwich and some yogurt (the only things I can eat for now) that I'm miserable. It's a good thing that we're designed to feed the baby no matter what; I'd be worried about him or her not getting enough nutrients. They're safe, but I'm suffering. I also have the worst backache, which is made worse by my stomach feeling bad. I know that it's all worth it in the end, but boy is this time around much harder than the first time. Maybe it's because I have Arthur and I can't just lay in bed a little longer, or lie down when I need to, or go all day without lifting 25 lb of toddler all day.

So, I haven't been knitting much. You'd think that I'd get tons done on days like the last two when I pretty much put kids movies on tv all day and sat on the couch with Arthur. I know an entire weekend of Disney movies and being parked on the couch isn't the best way to pass time with your almost-2 year old (not exactly setting a good example), but I was feeling so bad, it was so snowy out, and Charlie had drill. I just couldn't do much else. Hopefully I will start feeling better soon and we can be more active again.

Even though there hasn't been much actual knitting, there has been a lot of thinking about knitting and browsing Ravelry. I decided not to make my Pomme right now (won't get a lot of use this season because of the weather and I don't really know what size to make anyway), but am making a Summer Waves Cardi instead. I did swatch and cast on for this last week before feeling like death...

It's a mindless knit for now, though at the end I will have to pick up for some lace. I am using KP Cotlin in Creme Brulee (a softer yellow in real life), purchased a few years ago. It'll be a good summer cardi for over tank tops and such, and I am knitting a size that should work for the last few months of pregnancy.

I also decided what my next two projects will be and wound the yarn for them:

Sorry for the flashy pics. The two on the left are handspun (by Peacock on Rav) merino that I won in a GSD KAL recently. I also have a skein of bulky to match it. I will be making a Whitman hat for another KAL in the group. The sock yarn on the right is Holiday Yarns Flock Sock in Copper Pennies. I bought this on clearance from a LYS in San Antonio. It reminds me of warmer days and easier times (though I wouldn't trade my current life for anything!) and will become a pair of simple socks (stockinette? easy cables?) for a KAL over on My Sister's Knitter on Rav.

Winding non-KP yarn finally settled something else that I've been pondering while sitting on the couch watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates over and over... I'm going to break my KP habit. Shocking, right? I've purchased from them pretty much exclusively for the past few years and 99% of my knitting uses their yarns. There have been some major changes and issues with (a lack of) transparency that have been bothering me. I normally stand by them 100%, but I just can't rationalize anymore. They are culling lines left and right, not releasing new ones nearly as quickly (and the ones that are newer are not comparable and are very project-specific), manufacturing changes are producing inferior product (Brava! So sad.), and are dancing around giving a straight-forward answer to legitimate customer questions and concerns. I'm really sad to say it, but I will be looking at shopping elsewhere. I still love my Knit Picks and am very much hoping for some awesome new lines this year. I will still shop there, but will also take my money elsewhere and get some of the awesome brands and indie yarns that I've been missing out on. It'll be difficult at first, sticker shock will definitely happen, but I'm excited about it.