Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting There

Charlie's phone interview went well, though it was more of a verbal medical knowledge quiz... they didn't ask him a single question about himself and only quizzed him on nursing stuff. I guess he did ok because they asked him to come in to see the jail, have another little interview, and to get "oriented" with everything.

It's a long drive, 12 hours one-way, but we have to go and it'll be nice to squeeze in a little Georgia visit. We are leaving the 3rd, the interview is the 4th, we do the lease signing for the house the 5th (assuming that he gets the job), and come home the 6th. Short and full, but we will be able to get in some good food and a trip to Stone Mountain.

I'm anxious and nervous about the interview. We think he will get the job, but it's strange how they are handling it... transfer are usually easy and don't require interviews and all that. He's already an employee, so why treat it like a new hire? Weird, but we will jump through whatever hoops they want us to. They said that if everything goes well on the 4th, they will give him his start date then. I can't wait for that day to come!

I've been packing the house in anticipation of the move, so if we don't get the transfer I will be horribly disappointed and have a lot of work to do to get the house back in order.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I recently treated myself to some yarn. I got a skein of Pagewood Farms Yukon in Army Girl (see, breaking out of my KP-only habit!) and a KP order. Included in that order was the Billow Sampler, which is pictured above along with 2 extra skeins of Lichen I already had in stash. I hadn't used Billow before, but couldn't resist those colors and the 30% off price. I am now about halfway through the crocheted blanket I'm making with it. It's just a simple hdc striped blanket, going as far as each skein will get me. I love it. I'm calling it my New Home Blanket because I've been adding all my wishes, hopes, and prayers for our move to happen into each stitch. And, guess what...

It worked!

We heard back from both the house people and the job transfer today! It's been a serious headache dealing with the rental management company. Honestly, if time and distance weren't such issues right now, I would not have gone through them. There was a complete lack of communication and a lot of other issues, but talking with the manager fixed everything and we were approved for our house! I am sending the reservation fee tomorrow and then it'll officially be held for us. Wanna see a picture?

So, it's not beautiful from the outside. That's ok. Just look at that kitchen, though! It may not be anything wonderful to some of y'all, but to me that's a beautiful thing. I'm currently working with practically zero counter space (literally, I have about 2.5 feet of counter total, and that's divided into 2 different areas) and only 3 cabinets and NO pantry. This kitchen is huge and just so lovely to look at. Plus, I've never had a dishwasher before, so that's kind of neat. I don't know how much I'll use it, but it'll be fun to try out.

The house is on about a half acre lot and the backyard is fenced on 3 sides (we will have to run fence on both sides of the house), there is a small storage shed in the back (yay, no more camping/fishing/etc stuff in the house!), and I love that there's a small deck. The house is pretty big at 1678 square feet (the garage has been converted into another room). There are houses on either side, which we aren't thrilled about, but the lots are large, it's in a rural area (not a subdivision or true neighborhood), and I'm sure it'll be ok.

Now, for the job news. It's good and bad. They called today and offered Charlie a job, but it's only parttime. They don't have a fulltime position open for LPNs. There were, but I guess they got filled. So that's kind of bad, but they did say that he would be in line for fulltime when a slot opened and they seem to open somewhat regularly (working with inmates isn't something that many are suited for, so there's a high turnover rate). That's how his job up here was at first and he got fulltime within 2 weeks. He'll be looking for another parttime job once we are down there. Anyway, they talked to Charlie's boss up here and got a release date, though he won't find out when it is until Monday, and they are doing a phone interview Monday morning. They might need him to go down there for an actual interview, which will be inconvenient but a good excuse to spend a few days in Georgia. So, unless he just bombs the interview Monday, he has the job. We are so excited!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baby Knoll

We got to see baby yesterday! I am 12 weeks today and baby is looking great, though measuring about a week big (so maybe I'm actually 13 weeks today... the dating could very possibly be off since they originally said I was 6 weeks when I first went in, then they said I was only 5 weeks, so who knows?).

This is an arm and hand. Baby was wiggling around a lot and moving its little fingers a bunch.

Really, I guess that I can stop saying "Baby" since we have picked a name. Either way, boy or girl, this is Ellis. We have always liked that name. If it is a boy, it will be Ellis Moses Knoll and if it's a girl, she will be Ellis Rebecca Kim Knoll (though Charlie wants to remove the Rebecca part... I plan on keeping it because then both grandma's are included --- Rebecca for Charlie's mom and Kim for mine).

Arthur, who was looking particularly grown up Monday, wore his Big Brother shirt to the ultrasound. He kept saying "Yeah!" when I asked if he wanted to see the baby, but then wasn't very interested when it actually happened. He was probably thinking that it was the strangest looking baby he'd ever seen, haha.

He was so sweet when I had to get my blood drawn though. He got to watch and when the tech stuck me, he said, "Owwww," and then made that pititful I'm-about-to-cry face where his little lip quivers. Charlie was holding him and Arthur just put his head on Daddy's chest and cried huge tears while he watched Mommy get hurt. It was so sweet and sad! He cried for me. I love how caring my baby is.