Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baby Knoll

We got to see baby yesterday! I am 12 weeks today and baby is looking great, though measuring about a week big (so maybe I'm actually 13 weeks today... the dating could very possibly be off since they originally said I was 6 weeks when I first went in, then they said I was only 5 weeks, so who knows?).

This is an arm and hand. Baby was wiggling around a lot and moving its little fingers a bunch.

Really, I guess that I can stop saying "Baby" since we have picked a name. Either way, boy or girl, this is Ellis. We have always liked that name. If it is a boy, it will be Ellis Moses Knoll and if it's a girl, she will be Ellis Rebecca Kim Knoll (though Charlie wants to remove the Rebecca part... I plan on keeping it because then both grandma's are included --- Rebecca for Charlie's mom and Kim for mine).

Arthur, who was looking particularly grown up Monday, wore his Big Brother shirt to the ultrasound. He kept saying "Yeah!" when I asked if he wanted to see the baby, but then wasn't very interested when it actually happened. He was probably thinking that it was the strangest looking baby he'd ever seen, haha.

He was so sweet when I had to get my blood drawn though. He got to watch and when the tech stuck me, he said, "Owwww," and then made that pititful I'm-about-to-cry face where his little lip quivers. Charlie was holding him and Arthur just put his head on Daddy's chest and cried huge tears while he watched Mommy get hurt. It was so sweet and sad! He cried for me. I love how caring my baby is.


magpiemakingdo said...

OMG, Arthur got so big! And glad to hear everything is going well - I love the name Ellis! Here's to a continued happy and healthy pregnancy, and eventually a happy and healthy Ellis!

Katiebee said...

Congrats & happy to hear all is going well~ such a beautiful name you have chosen!