Tuesday, April 8, 2014


We had a wonderful trip to Georgia. Of course, I don't have any pics to share since I didn't think to get the camera out at all.

Charlie's orientation thing went great. The jail in Conyers is about a third of the size of the one that he's currently working at and is much newer. He got all his security stuff done and got his ID card made. He starts working there on the 28th! He got a good schedule... 7pm-7am 6 nights in a row, then 8 days off. Full-time! They are letting a girl go and Charlie is taking her position. Bad for her, but wonderful news for us. It'll be a little tough during those work weeks, but he's basically getting a vacation every other week! And when he does actually take a week of vacation, he will get 3 weeks in a row off. Not too bad! If he's having trouble sleeping with us in the house during his work weeks, my parents live only about 35 minutes away so Arthur and I can just run down there for a day or two.

Saturday morning we went to sign the lease for our house. It's amazing and even better than I thought that it'd be. It's not too far from the square, but far enough put that we aren't right in town. It is in a neighborhood, but the people there seem ok and we are across from a wooded lot so aren't just staring at someone's house all the time. There are three bedrooms... one for us, one for Arthur and baby, and one for my craft room! Yes, I get my own room just for my knitting and sewing stuff! Charlie is getting the front living room (his old couch he loves, his tv and game systems, etc), the walk-in closet off the converted garage (which we will use as a living room) for his uniforms and gear, and he also gets the shed in the back for more stuff like camping and fishing equipment. The kitchen is amazing and the converted garage is huge. So is the back deck... I can't wait to eat many summer meals out there!

One thing I really love is the big backyard and the separate fenced area for the dogs. It'll be nice for them to have their own outdoor space, away from my garden and clothesline.

I can't wait to get down there and move in! I think deciding where everything goes is the best part of it all. I've been thinking and planning and dreaming about it ever since seeing the house. We leave Michigan on the 21st and will arrive at the house on the 22nd.

We have a very busy 2 weeks ahead of us... this week will be packing and cleaning, but the second week will be very hectic. I have a doctor appointment on that Tuesday, Charlie has one on that Thursday, we pick up the moving truck on Friday, Arthur's birthday party/our goodbye party is Saturday, church and lunch Sunday, then Monday the 21st Arthur has an appointment, I have my big ultrasound, and we leave for Georgia! Whew!

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