Thursday, May 1, 2014


I am so loving being back in Georgia! Everything is just so much better... the weather, prices on everything, the people are nicer in general, etc. Charlie is homesick for the last jail he worked at, but is trying to get used to how things are run in a small rural Southern county versus the very large urban Northern one that he was at before. Other than the job, though, he's loving being a "damn Yankee."

The house is amazing. It's full of light, is open, and I enjoy doing chores here. It isn't a task to have to clean up and it's a home that I'm proud of, so that helps so much. My parents have been over a few times already and we got the garden in and everything unpacked minus a few things here and there. My yarn room is the best! I find myself spending a few minutes here and there everyday either spinning, knitting, or daydreaming about the two.

Some knitting proof...

Oh, and it's a girl! This is miss Ruby Rosalie Knoll!

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magpiemakingdo said...

So glad the move went well and that ya'll are settled and happy! And congrats on the little lady! Is Arthur excited to have a little sister?