Saturday, May 17, 2014


It's so strange how a new environment and routine can improve something.

We had been wanting this move for so long and finally got it. Though I knew that we wouldn't be any richer, any better off, or have fewer problems than we did in Michigan, I still felt that things would be better. Boy, was I right and it was such a pleasant surprise! This move has been the best thing for our marriage. I had been thinking it for a few days now and Charlie said it yesterday. It really has and we aren't entirely sure why.

We are happier. Not just with each other, but overall. Charlie doesn't like his job, but even with that, we are getting along so much better than before (fighting and bad feelings were sadly a bit of the norm for the last 6 months or so we were in Michigan) and we both feel a renewed excitement about our relationship, almost that new honeymoon feeling that's so wonderful about new love. I've always felt that Charlie didn't love me as much as I did him, and I was kind of right. Now it's all changed and he's said repeatedly the past few days that he feels so bad that he hasn't been as good of a husband as he should've been all this time, and that he suddenly realized just how much he really does love me and how glad that he is to have me. All this may sound kind of lovey dovey and too personal, but hearing those words and knowing that makes me so happy. Finally, I truly feel like we are in on life together and there isn't some invisible wall between us.

Is it the weather? The nicer house? Charlie's new schedule of working 3 days a week, so he's home more? We aren't sure, but whatever it is, we love it and are so glad to be here.  I am working on nagging less, letting more of the little things go, and supporting my husband more. It's hard sometimes and we do still squabble here and there, but knowing that we are both working on being better to each other goes a long way. I saw this quote the other day and it really hit home; it's become kind of what I base my actions around and it has helped me to let the little things go (nagging is one of my worst habits and the hardest for me to give up).

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