Sunday, May 4, 2014

Oh, The Cuteness!

Isn't this the cutest? I was wanting a quick and easy, but still interesting, crochet project yesterday and found the Baby Dress Camille. I grabbed the ball of KP Stroll HP in Legwarmer I bought quite some time ago and got to work. It ended up being tiny, just right for a newborn, and I love it. I think I will save it for baby Ruby. I definitely see more of these dresses in different sizes in my future!

For more cute, here are some pictures from our day today. Arthur opened a savings account at Piggy Bank Day and also got a Darth Vader outfit for his Puppy (a Build-a-Bear that is his constant companion). My dad got it for him and it was a huge hit.

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magpiemakingdo said...

Adorable dress! I'm such a sucker for baby girl clothes - I so wish we had one in the family I could knit for. Can't wait to see what else you come up with for little Ruby!

Also double awwww on those photos - and I LOVE the Darth Vader build-a-bear outfit.