Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Few Happy Things Today

Finishing a sock and starting on the second immediately (Snowdrops Socks test knit in KP Stroll Glimmer, Pomegranate).

Hydrangea blooms off the bushes out front. My favorite flowers.

Veggies from the garden (minus the apples) from the past two days. This doesn't include the several squash and zucchini that went into our dinners yesterday and today. The tomatoes are turning red, there are tiny baby green beans on the bushes, and the okra is fixing to bloom. I love my garden.

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Anonymous said...

Love the little things. That sock is beautiful, and I'm so jealous of those gorgeous zucchini! Ours are still sort of small and blah up here. And how I wish I could grow my own! Apartment living sure has its drawbacks...