Saturday, June 21, 2014

Knitting Group

I was in a very active and fun knitting group in college, but had to quit going once I graduated and moved back home. Then I did the Army thing, the moving to Texas thing, and then it was marriage, a baby, etc. I did go to a meeting once in Michigan, but never went again because it was kind of far and a pain to get to (traffic, construction, etc). As soon as we moved back to Georgia, I went on the search for a local group I could join and really participate in regularly. I found it :)

I went for the first time last weekend on WWKIP Day. The Covington Knitters met in the square and we had a good time. I couldn't stay long because Charlie was watching Arthur and had to get to bed for work that night, but I went long enough to finish a hat and say hello. Like my college group, most of the members are over 50 years old, but that doesn't bother me. Most of my interests are considered for old people anyway, so I tend to get along with mature ladies better than gals my own age.

I went again today and it was held in the usual spot, The Square Perk, a cute little coffee shop/cafe on the square. I got the yummiest decaf white chocolate latte... it's been so long since I've had a coffee treat since its kinda hard to find decaf unless you go to Starbucks, which I refuse to do. I did have to pay 5 bucks for it, but it was really big, really good, and it went to a local independent so I didn't beat myself up over it too bad. Plus, it's just a once a week thing so I think I can treat myself to a good coffee while I get some good knitting and socialising in.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have found a local and active group to meet with. Oh, and they are child-friendly... most have grandkids and don't mind the two weekends a month that I will have to bring Arthur. The cafe has an awesome kids play area in the back where we sit so he can easily be kept occupied for two hours.

On to some FOs (I seriously cannot stop knitting right now, I hope this streak keeps up!)...

Here are some test knit hats I made last week. They were so fun and easy to make and gave me the opportunity to do my first colorwork braids (super simple, by the way):

It's called the Modern Reindeer Hat. The pink is infant sized and the brown is the child one. I used scraps and leftovers of KP WotA, plus a little handspun a friend in Colorado sent me as a gift (the denim blue color). I love these hats and am tucking them away for this fall and winter. I know my kids will probably hate me for it later, but I'm taking every opportunity that I have to make them match/coordinate before they are old enough to protest too much! I am working on matching sweaters right now in KP Stroll HP, Hayride. I'm working on the second sleeve of Ruby's sweater.

Then we have the finished pair of Snowdrop Socks (test knit... I'm so addicted). I didn't enjoy knitting the second sock, but not because of the pattern. I just got Second Sock Syndrome so bad and really had to practice some serious willpower to get the pair done. I'm glad that I did though since it means that I'm finished with the test, gave the designer suggestions, and I have another pair of socks. Unfortunately, I wasn't checking for fit and they're a wee bit snug on me, so I will likely gift these to someone with a half size smaller foot than I have. I used KP Stroll Glimmer in Pomegranate. It was my first time using the glimmer and I liked it, but did find it a little on the gaudy side so would stick to accessories and little girl knits for this yarn.

OTN... the infant sweater, a baby bib, and I just cast on for yet another test knit, a kids vest. Up next is the sweater for Arthur and probably a few hats for charity and some small things for craft shows.


Andi said...

What a fun knitting group. While virtual groups are great, nothing quite measures to the in person knitting experience, does it?
Love all your great projects.
Second sock syndrome happens to many of us! I wish it weren't the case but there it is.

Anonymous said...

How awesome that you found a group! And bonus for the indie coffee shop meeting location! I really have to find me one of those...

Also, those hats are absolutely darling.