Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid-Year Resolutions Check

I was thinking about the goals I set back in January and wanted to revisit them and see how I was doing:

Fiber Resolutions:

- Finally make stockings for us. I've had the kit and extra yarn for quite some time now and it needs to get done. Not started yet, but there's still time! I don't have the yarn for the fourth one (who knew I'd have two kids by December 2014?!), so can't do that one til I make an order later on.
- Knit 12 pairs of adult socks (2 toddler pairs can equal an adult pair). I have knit 3 pairs. A bit behind and I don't know if I'll finish another 9 by the end of the year. I have SSS so bad lately! I do want to make some tube socks for Arthur for fall, so maybe I can reach my goal if I while out a few pairs of those for him.
- Make at least 3 sweaters for me. One of which needs to be a summer top. I have made one, the summer top. I planned more, but baby knitting has kind of taken over my life so my knits are on the back burner for now. I do have plans for two fall/winter sweaters for me and think I can do it.
- Finish my scrappy sock yarn blanket. Not gonna happen. I rarely work on it these days. It's my car WIP so I just do a square here and there.
- Knit a skirt for myself. Another not gonna happen. I don't want to make one til the baby is born and that'll leave very little time in the year for a skirt knit.
- Finish spinning the woollie bullie fiber I bought with part of our tax return. Then actually use it to make something. So close to being done! I have less than 4 ounces to go and I work on it daily.

Non-fiber Resolutions:

-Get back in shape. I'm many pounds heavier than I was pre-pregnancy and need to lose at least 30lbs (in total I want to lose 50). I did lose 15lb in early pregnancy, but am slowly gaining it back. I don't expect to make this goal by the end of the year, but do want to by my birthday next year. Ruby will be our last baby so I can really focus on working out (I wasn't so motivated after Arthur since I knew I wanted to get pregnant relatively soon anyway).
- Start running again. I used to run daily and really enjoyed it. I just hate the getting-back-into-running part. See above. Not til baby is born.
- Be nicer to Charlie. I'm not mean to him, but could be nicer and not let me temper go so quickly. Yes! This move to Georgia has helped so much. I'm nicer to him and he's nicer to me.
- Potty train Arthur. He's ready for it, I just don't think of it during the day. Yes! Well, about 90%. He goes days without an accident, but then has a bad day where he pees every five seconds. He can even go out and use public restrooms (though he hates them). So I'm calling this one DONE since he's as good as I can expect from a boy that turned two just two months ago.

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Katiebee said...

goodluck with your goals!

happy weekending!