Sunday, June 8, 2014

More FOs

I finished both of my test knits and I love them!

These are the Fond of You pullover and the San Martin Baby Hat. I adore both of these knits so much. The sweater will probably go to craft shows with me since its too small for Arthur and too boyish for Ruby, but I definitely have plans for others that will be kept. The yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a wonderfully woolly, wonderfully soft yarn that I will be sure to use again. The blue was purchased for me by my brother a few years ago (good call, bro!) and the Orange was a prize I won in a KAL last year. The hat is knit is Shelridge Yarns fingering weight that someone sent me in a trade a little while back. I had never heard of the yarn before, so jumped at the opportunity to try something new. The hat will be taken to the hospital for Ruby to wear.

My current WIPs are another test knit (socks this time) and a blanket for the baby in KP Chroma, just like the ones I made for Arthur and Mikah before they were born. Sadly, I can't find Arthur's blanket... I think it got lost in the move somehow. It makes me sad since I remember putting so much love into it as I crocheted and it was a favorite of his when he was little. I will be sure to keep a more careful eye on this new blankie (which should be easy since its in the Guppy colorway, which is bright blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple).

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Anonymous said...

Love the sweater (I'd totally wear it if it was adult sized... it looks so soft!), and the hat is just darling. Ruby will look so cute in it!