Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dogs and Sewing

Great news... both dogs are ok! Neither is 100% yet, but both have their vision back to some extent and are moving well. Barrett is still having some issues with balance, seeing, and depression, but is definitely on her way back to being her old self again. Poppy is acting like normal, with only moments of in coordination here and there. We are so happy that our doggies are doing ok and are expected to make a full recovery!

I had a rough weekend, dealing with sick dogs and a sick baby (Arthur got the stomach bug Charlie had the week before), so didn't get to knit nearly as much as I'd planned. Arthur ended up staying with my parents tonight and Charlie is at work, so I took the alone time to get some housework done and enjoy some crafting. I got my small KP order in today and after transferring my knitting bag over to the new one, I realized that I wanted all my WIPs in their own individual project bags.

I dug through my small fabric stash and found some scraps from the handsewn soccer balls I made for Arthur and my nephew for Christmas last year. I'm no seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, but I am quite proud of the resulting project bag. It is now home to the test knit dress I'm working on (and sooo close to being finished with, finally).

Now it's time to finish up that dress and start on a few other baby knits.

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magpiemakingdo said...

Thank goodness the doggies are okay! (Although I'm a little late on the uptake here - I'm just catching up with my blog reading now) Hopefully they've only continued to improve since you posted this - what a terrifying thing!