Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knitting Confessions

- I just started swatching last year. For the 6 years before that, I just went with the recommended needle size and hoped that it worked. It sometimes didn't. I am now more successful with my knits fitting, though I still don't bother with row gauge.

- I don't differentiate between m1r and m1l. I do them both the same and don't even know which one it is that I do.

- I knit everyday. There are some days that I don't, but they are few and far between. I'm also getting into the habit of spinning daily.

- I don't like knitting socks anymore. I used to love it, but lost my sock knitting mojo last year and can't seem to find it. I still plan on knitting them, but know that I won't really enjoy it.

- I'm obsessed with knitting for my babies.

- I've been promising my brother a knit sweater since 2007. I'll get around to it one of these years.

- In the past year, I've become super aware of skin tones and how colors affect them. I love the seasons theory (I'm a warm autumn) and find it so helpful when picking colors to knit with and wear. I'm just glad warmer natural colors look best on me since those are what I like most anyway.

- I'm not a technical spinner, though I've been doing it for 11 years. I just go with what feels right. I can get the yarn that I want, but when other spinners start talking about ratios, angle of their singles, etc, I am lost. I guess I ought to learn those things, but I spin to relax and make pretty yarn so will just keep spinning in ignorant bliss for now.

- I do not like superwash wool, except for sock yarn. I have found that it all eventually felts in the dryer, it's just a matter of time. Superwash has to go in the dryer to get its shape back, so it annoys me. Give me regular handwash-only wool any day over superwash!

- Related to the last point, I don't get when people are so against handwashing/air drying knits. It's just as easy a machine washing... I put the knits in a bath to soak and forget about them fora while. The only part that's even a tiny bit inconvenient is finding a good place for larger stuff to air dry, but that's not too difficult. Even for the new moms that everyone thinks can't manage handwashing, it's still not hard and I don't get that mentality.

- I don't consider myself a yarn snob (I'm too poor to be one), but I guess that I am to some extent. When I see knitters that only use big box brands and who are clueless about LYSs, I think that they are unskilled or undedicated. It's wrong of me to do, I know. I was once that big box store knitter and I wasn't unskilled, I was just new to it all and didn't have the funds for expensive stuff. I need to change my attitude.


Katiebee said...

we have much in common :) i didn't swatch until i made something that didn't fit me or anyone i knew (so disappointing!)& i don't do row gauge either. i love the thought of spinning but i have too many irons in the fire to start one more hobby. rather i should finish some of my wips. I too wish i could afford only the best yarns. Often less expensive yarns work for the project at hand.
hope you're having a nice summer~

Meredith Culberson said...

I like your list and can relate to some of your points, especially the last one. When I started knitting I went to Michaels (local chain craft store similar to Joanne's) only-not knowing there were other options out there! However, 8 years later I still find myself shopping there once and a while for cotton yarn.

magpiemakingdo said...

I've never swatched either! I really should start... but for the time being I don't really make stuff that needs a precise fit anyway so I just keep perpetuating the bad habit!

And I feel you on the last one. I was a big box knitter when I started too, and I find myself now with a bit of a snob complex. I have to remind myself all the time not to be odd about it.