Friday, July 25, 2014

Seriously Obsessed

I love baby knitting! In particular, baby girl knitting. I always wanted boys and would've chose this new baby to be a boy if I could've, but the closer it gets to her arrival (less than 8 weeks!) the more excited I get about having a daughter. I finished up two little girl knits this week (both were tests, of course. I seem obsessed with those too):

This is the Ruffle Butt Diaper Cover in KP WotA, Papaya Heather. Isn't it the cutest?! It serves no real purpose other than to give baby girl a cute tushie (it won't work as a soaker over cloth diapers), but I'm loving the frilly girly goodness. I never thought that I'd want to dress my girl in ribbons, bows, and frills, but there you go.

The we have Smocked, a super adorable baby dress. This is 12 month sized. See the dyelot mismatch at the yoke? Yeah, annoying. It's really not that bad though and most people think it's an on-purpose design feature, so I'm not worrying over it. I used KP Swish DK in Marina for this one.

Currently OTN are a baby bib in KP Dishie, a pullover for Arthur in KP Stroll HP (to match the cardi I made for baby girl), and a crocheted sleep sack I'm testing for the gal that designed the diaper cover above. This baby will be covered in handknits!

Speaking of baby girl, we are thinking about names. We were going with Ruby Rosalie Knoll, but she doesn't feel like a Ruby to me. Plus, Arthur and Ruby were my great grandparents... Charlie didn't know that when he thought of the name Ruby, but it seems strange to have our kids have their names. So, we are going with something different. It's hard coming up with girl names! We have tons of things we like for a boy, but can't agree on much for a girl.

Charlie still likes Ruby, but also Ruth and Harper. Ruth is ok, but Harper is a no-go... I love that name, it's my maiden name, but it's too popular right now and we can't have Arthur and Harper. Can you imagine, I call them off the playground, "Arthur, Harper!" That's my brother's name. I just can't do it.

I love Tallulah, Tula for short. Tula Rose sounds so cute to me. Plus, it's distinctly Southern, which I love. Charlie doesn't like it though. I also like Roda. The only name I like that he agrees with is Vidalia. Yes, like the sweet onion grown in south Georgia. It might seem weird or mean to name your kid after a veggie that makes you cry, but we think Vidalia Rosalie is a pretty name, is Southern, is unique enough for us (there have been 5 Vidalias born in Georgia since 1990 and we doubt that there are many outside the state), and sounds nice as Vida Rose for a nickname. For those unfamiliar with a Vidalia, it is pronounced as Vi-DAY-yuh, Vi-DAY-lia, or Vi-DALL-yah (with dall like in Dallas). The first is usually from people with a stronger accent, but all three are right and are used interchangeably. Anyway, that's where we are right now on naming her. I'm getting stressed over it since I feel like she's going to come early like Arthur did and I want her to have a name before she arrives.

Ok, enough about that. I got some exciting mail today...

My first Club Spunky offering! Yay! It's "Happy Accidents" on BFL... to die for color and base! I really want to buy an extra helping, but it's not in the budget at all right now. I will be sampling with it when Arthur goes to be tonight to see how it wants to be spun. I originally thought I'd use it for socks when I saw the spoiler online, but seeing it in person has me not wanting to hide it in my shoes. Then I thought about a baby sweater, but that seems like a waste since it'd get such short use (plus, I'm selfish and want it for me). Now I'm thinking mitts since the fiber is hard wearing, yet still super soft. We'll see how the samples come up I guess.

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magpiemakingdo said...

There is nothing like cute little girl baby knits! And a ruffley bum! It's the peak of adorable.

And I love all your options for her name - they're all so pretty. I was actually supposed to be either Tallulah or Talitha (my parents couldn't choose between the two) until the day I was born, and it just didn't seem to fit me when they finally met me, so I ended up a Maggie instead. But Tallulah is just so pretty and classic.