Friday, July 11, 2014


I love to spin, but have been quickly going through my small fiber stash since we moved. I used to purchase fiber regularly when in college, but my only purchase in the past few years was the Woollie Bullie merino I got last year. Since I'm spinning daily now, I need to find ways to replenish the stash of I want to keep up that part of my fiber life. Thing is, we are living paycheck to paycheck and don't have lots extra for fun stuff. What to do?

I found a solution and I'm quite excited about it. First though, some of my recent spinning FOs:

The Woollie Bullie! I got over 1900 yards of 2-play fingering weight. I'm in love! I should've planned it out better and spun all the singles first, then plied, to get the best weight and color distribution, but oh well. Isn't the swatch pretty? (Oh, and RIP pretty little swatch... Arthur took scissors (!) to it yesterday when I wasn't looking). I think I'm going to make a Paulie cardi, using the lighter skeins for the trim and stripes.

Then my first Tour de Fleece project. I couldn't care less about cycling, France, or whatever is involved in TdF and I can't even watch it if I was interested because we don't have regular tv (we just do the Netflix thing). However, I do love spinning and I do love challenges, so there you go. The above is what I did for the first 5 days of the tour. A friend had gifted me a Karakul/Lincoln blend, which was interesting to spin. It's a light weight 3-ply that I think will be incorporated into a dog sweater (it's a tough and rough yarn that'll be good for taking some abuse).

Anyway, I only have a little fiber left and have already started on it. So, to my fiber stash enhancement solution...

Club Spunky!

Spunky Eclectic (Google it, again my apologies for not being able to link!) Has been running a monthly fiber/yarn club for years and I've always wanted to join. I've never been in a fiber club before and it seemed like a big and expensive commitment, but SE has hers set up as a monthly recurring billing thing with no commitment... cancel anytime. I never did join because I was either still too broke, moving too much, etc. Well, I did some figuring yesterday and realized that I was spending 20.00 a month on fancy coffee at my knitting group. The club is only 21.00 a month for 4 ounces of fiber (one month a year is a luxury fiber, so 2-3 ounces). Fiber is fun, lasting, and not full of calories. The decision to drop the coffee treat and add the fiber treat was a no-brainer.

I should be getting my first shipment around the 25th or so and am super excited!

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