Friday, July 25, 2014


Two posts in one day? Yes indeedy. I'm bored.

I ran across this while trying to get caught up on blog reading (I'm horribly behind):

Summer Sweater KAL

(Hey, I linked from the kindle! Kind of a pain, but not too bad)

I joined. It seems fun and laidback, the only way I will ever actually participate in a KAL. I never really did much more than join them before finding the My Sister's Knitter group on Rav.. hers are the best. So fun, great community, etc. I'm always in her current KAL, but think it'd be neat to join in on others too. Since I have plans for at least two me-sized sweaters and a few mid-sized ones anyway, why not join in on the SSKAL, make some new friends, and maybe win a prize?

I will be entering Arthur's pullover (WIPs are allowed) for sure, then have to decide which adult sweater I want to make first. I'm planning on making a Paulie in the handspun merino and a Sporto hoodie in the handspun mystery wool (one link is all you get tonight, so search on Rav to see these). I think the Sporto might be best to do first since I know I'll get lots of wear from it and it's in a heavy worsted weight (versus the fingering/sport weight of Paulie), so it'll be faster. Then again, I'm dying to see how the merino looks all knit up. The swatch was gorgeous.

Anyway, I'm fixing to run off to join the KAL group on ravelry. If anyone is planning any sweaters this fall, consider joining us!

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Katiebee said...

i would love to join but i am making myself finish two wip's before starting or joining anything!!! i look forward to seeing your projects~
wishing you a great week!