Thursday, July 17, 2014

Update, Plus Prayers Needed!

We went to Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a last week. My Arthur makes the cutest little calf.

I whipped up a tail and a hat with ears and horns for him to wear. The shirt was painted with puff paint.

He had a great time and liked the giant cow. I had to bribe him to wear his costume by telling him he couldn't see the bull if he didn't wear it. I love that I can negotiate with him now. I do it all the time ("we can do that, but first do this for mommy" works every time).

Poppy, our new mini Dachshund, got an inkle collar the other day. She's sick right now though, which I will go into detail about at the end of this post.

Progress on my second TdF project. I'm still spinning daily.

A finished test knit dress for Taiga Hilliard. I adore it. I used KP Stroll Sport in Firecracker Heather. Please excuse the wrinkles... I usually pull my superwash knits from the dryer while still pretty damp so that I can smooth them out to air dry, but pulled this one late.

My current test knit, another little dress. See the problem here? The lots are clearly different, though this came in a full bag and the numbers on the band's do match. Ugh. I will be overdyeing the FO later. The difference is less obvious in real life, but still frustrating. I'm not about to rip back and start over though.

I am anticipating some new fibery arrivals in the next week or so. I have my first Club Spunky fiber coming after the 20th (the colorway clue is 'watery' so I'm curious to see it) and I have 2 KP orders coming. I wouldn't have been able to justify orders right now, but they were small and for very specific projects. Plus, there's an awesome summer sale going right now so I got good deals. First is a set of circs I needed for the Paulie sweater in the merino handspun I finished recently, then I have some red and black Cotlin coming for UGA themed hair scrunchies (they've been selling well at the farmers market), a cheapie knitting bag since mine is on its last leg, and one bump of WotA roving in Dill for a hat for Charlie for Christmas.

Now for the sad news...

My doggies are sick and might not make it. Barrett and Poppy got into some ivermectin horse paste dewormer this morning and both have ivermectin toxicity. Barrett ate enough for an 1100 pound horse and Poppy only had a lick, not even a pea-sized amount (I'm not sure how that affected her since I routinely gave more than that to rabbits much smaller than her without issues and the dogs have eaten that amount before). I suspect that there is an issue with the brand of dewormer and will be looking up recalls and such soon. Anyway, both dogs are blind and have coordination issues. Poppy is ok for the most part, other than the blindness, but Barrett is bad. She's stumbling everywhere, very disoriented, etc. We couldn't go to the emergency vet today because of only having one vehicle and all that, but the treatment is for symptoms only. Basically, they're either going to make it, or they won't. I've been forcing fluids, giving electrolytes, giving fatty foods, etc. All the stuff to treat them. If they make it (prognosis is typically good), they could have lasting neurological effects. At the very least, they could be blind and loopy acting for weeks/months before fully recovering. I just want my babies to live. I don't care if they're blind or if I have to provide special care forever. Just please don't let them die! My family would really appreciate any prayers/thoughts for us and our pups right now. We are worried sick and I'm feeling so guilty for letting this happen.

On top of the dogs being sick, Charlie has been battling some sort of stomach bug and now Arthur has it, plus yesterday we got a flat tire that can't be patched without taking it to the pros and getting it fixed or replacement won't be cheap. So, while I still have plenty to be thankful for, it's wearing to have so much bad stuff happen within a week.

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