Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Weeks

I am less than 5 weeks away from my due date! I go to the doctor weekly now, though the updates there aren't very exciting. I'm at 1 cm and am just starting to efface, so it's regular on-schedule progress. That's good, I guess, though I'd like to hear that I'm a little farther along. It would be a bit early for her to arrive now, so it's good news even though I'm ready to give her an eviction notice!

Charlie and I are still going back and forth on names. He's dead set on Ruby or Ruth, but I'm not feeling those names at all. I finally just told him today that I like Vida Rose (full name Vidalia Rosalie) the most and since its the only name we've agreed we both like, I think we should go with it. He said he guesses that works. I don't want her to have a name that Charlie hates, but I also don't want to go with one of Charlie's picks and have me hate it. I think Vida (i like eye, not pronounced like Spanish for 'life') is a nice name. I know she may have issues growing up with kids picking on her for having the same name as a type of onion, but kids are mean and will find something to make fun of either way. I just plan on raising her to be strong and resilient, and maybe, like her name suggests, she can make a few cry if they won't let up ;)

Anyway, I am getting super excited about having two munchkins. It's going to be a pain at times (I'm not looking forward to getting up every few hours!), but I think our little family will be complete then and that Arthur is going to really like being a big brother.

I made something for baby Vida, my favorite baby FO so far...

I did a quick test for someone and made this adorable car seat canopy. I used a lot of leftover worsted weight wool scraps (handspun, WotA, Cascade 220, Patons, and LB Fisherman's Wool). I love love love how it came out and think that it'll be so useful this fall/winter.

I also finished up another test, not baby-related:

A pair of Penelope Fingerless Mitts in leftover KP Stroll Glimmer. These were a quick and easy knit and I love the results.

I'm currently working on another test pair of fingerless mitts (stranded, so they seem to go faster), my Sporto hoodie in handspun, Vida's chevron blankie, and a pair of tube socks for Arthur. I can't stop casting on for things, but there's a WIP KAL coming up soon so that's my excuse... I think it's really that I know I probably won't have as much knitting time once baby girl arrives, so I'm frantically trying to knit all the things before then :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I feel like it was only yesterday that you announced you were having her! Good luck as everything goes forward, and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts that the process goes as smoothly and healthily as possible!