Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Keeping Sane

Knitting has helped me to keep my sanity last week.

I love Georgia. Absolutely love it and there's nowhere else in the world that I'd rather live. However, I do not love the bugs that Georgia has. I had forgotten about the ticks, mean spiders, mosquitoes, and the FLEAS. We didn't have those problems living in a small apartment in San Antonio and they simply don't really exist in Michigan. Now that I'm back home, I'm being reminded of how friendly the Georgia weather is to those horrible creatures. Poor Charlie doesn't know what to think and poor Arthur was getting eaten alive. We tried a few small measures against the FLEAS, but being surrounded by homes with outdoor dogs, a week of rain, and tall grass in our yard and the neighbor's because of that rain... well, we had a problem. It got so bad that I sent Arthur to my parents for 4 days while I waged a war on fleas.

I tried a few rather costly and frustrating things, but they didn't really work. I spent my days treating the yard and house and my nights tucked into bed with my knitting, safe from the eight inches or so that a flea can jump. It's sad when you have to wear Off bug spray inside the house! My knitting kept me from having a breakdown each night when I realized that nothing was working.

Finally, after more than a week of trying a million different things, I think we've gotten the buggers under control. The magic combination seems to be triamizide yard granules, Ortho Home Defense spray (sprayed outside the house, along every indoor baseboard, and on every carpet/fabric surface inside... yeah, against the label directions, but we needed it), and Comfortis for the dogs. I'm retreating the house with the spray every other day to get rid of any fleas that hatch. I discovered the combo two days ago and we've seen a very dramatic reduction in the flea population. The dogs are happier, we are happier, and I can finally relax. We went from being covered in the nasty things just two days ago to only seeing 3 total in the house today. I'm paranoid and plan on treating the place for at least a week to be sure we've taken care of them all. Now that I know the solution, I'm going to stock up on all those things and start early next year.

Anyway, thank goodness for knitting! I was able to get quite a bit done in the 4 days that I was child-free, including finishing up Arthur's fall sweater:

It's Flax in KP Stroll HP, Hayride, to coordinate with the Sunnyside cardi I made for baby girl a while back. Aren't my babies going to look precious in their sweaters this fall?

I was also able to start on my Sporto hoodie in handspun mystery wool. I'm a bit farther than this now, but here's the start of the hood:

I'm a little concerned about yardage, but I can always leave the pocket off and shorten the sleeves a bit if needed. So far I've spun about 850 of the required 1200 yards, and I still have a good bit left to spin. I think I'll make it. It's not the softest fiber or the most beautiful dyejob, but I like it and think that it'll be nice to have this fall/winter. I love hoodies and this one should be comfy and hard wearing.

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