Friday, August 8, 2014


I have some serious paying it forward to do this year. I was down to my last little bit of fiber stash and was thinking that I'd only have the Club Spunky offering to spin each month. Then I received a big 6lb box in the mail...

A good friend from my old knitting group in college mailed me a surprise package last week. She is purging her spinning stash and put together the most wonderful gift... all sorts of roving, batts, and locks! Some of it had to have been quite expensive (like the 1 pound of superwash merino/Tussah silk blend). There was even an old 2009 Club Spunky colorway in there that I'd been coveting!

I couldn't get it all into one picture, so it'll slowly get shared here as I spin it. I've already started on 4 ounces of merino from Chameleon Colorworks in the Figgy Pudding colorway:

This is the finest I've ever spun. It's going to take forever to finish this top, but it'll be worth it in the end. When I saw how it was dyed, I just knew that it had to be spun into a lightweight Navajo-plied yarn to maintain the stripes. I'm aiming for fingering weight once it's all done.

I had some time to spin another gift fiber this week, this time the roving was from my parents old neighbor in Colorado. She had sent me a few 2 ounce samples while we were still in Michigan, including some natural white Polwarth wool. I spun it into a 3-ply DK weight yarn and made baby girl a hat:

It was a test knit for Taiga Hilliard. Came out a little big, but it's actually better that way since it'll be cold by the time she can wear it (the designer said that it's supposed to be a roomier hat). It only used about 70 yards and I still have at least that much left. Maybe I will make some little socks to go along with it.

I'm thinking that this might be an heirloom knit. I wasn't as sentimental before Arthur was born, so never made anything that I'd consider heirloom quality. Sure, I made some cute stuff for him, but heirloom to me means white, lacy, and special yarn. I wanted to make something like that for baby girl since I regret not having done it for Arthur. I know that this hat isn't some super intricate laceweight silk christening gown or something, but it does meet my requirements and I think that it'll make a beautiful little something to pass down to babies. It'll get worn this winter, then I will tuck it away, wrapped in tissue paper and surrounded by lavender sachets, into the hope chest. It may end up being unloved in the future, but I can hope that it will top the heads of future grand and great grandbabies.

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Katiebee said...

very sweet friends you have :)
the little hat is adorable~
happy weekending!